The online education market is growing with the support of universities

The online education market is growing with the support of universities
04 March 2020

While the digital age brings individuals new learning methods, the online education market is growing day by day with educational technologies. The online education market, which has grown by 900% worldwide over the past 20 years, is expected to reach $ 350 billion by 2025. Universities carrying their certified training programs to digital lead the market expansion.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In the digital age, which has started a new era in education as in many fields, online training that eliminate the time and place limit provides great advantages for those who want to get a profession or specialize in new areas. Research shows that online tutorials offer a personalized learning experience that students can learn at their own pace and the information to be remembered by 25% to 60%.

Non-formal education participation rate in Turkey is half of the European average

According to Eurostat data analyzed by the education and career platform, vocational non-formal education in Europe constitutes 80% of all education categories. The European average rate of participation in any field they want to specialize in education, in addition to formal education in Turkey is over 45% and this ratio remains at 21%. However, this rate has also increased in our country with increasing online education platforms. The impact of universities that carry their certified training programs to digital is noteworthy in the growth of the online education market.

University supported online training to close the deficit of qualified labor force Turkey

Stating that online training offers an efficient process that makes understanding easier, Coordinator Ramazan Karahasan emphasized that a new era has begun for both students and sectors in gaining professional competence, especially with the support of universities. Karahasan said, "With Internet access, training is now accessible to everyone. Universities, which have started to offer certified education programs in digital media, are the biggest supporters of the transformation of ease of access into qualified projects. We anticipate that the online education market will go further with the increasing support of universities and many sectors will close the gap on qualified staff.”

Online certified training from Biruni and Beykoz University

Ramazan Karahasan stated that they aim to contribute to the development of the country's economy by closing the qualified staff deficit with the formal vocational training programs organized within the scope of the agreements made with the Continuous Education Centers of the Universities, and gave information about the online training provided by Biruni University and Beykoz University. Karahasan said, “As a Training and Career Platform, we believe that education is essential not only for the daily life, but also for the future, and we aim to make the lifelong education of the people working and producing sustainably. In this context, with the support of Biruni University and Beykoz University, with which we cooperate, we offer certified specialist training in many fields such as family counseling, life coaching, child development, real estate counseling, student coaching, patient admission, and medical secretariat. We hope that these studies, which facilitate the separation of qualified personnel for the employers, will be instrumental in creating new training methods and collaborations.”

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