“The way to export software services is to become like India”

“The way to export software services is to become like India”
04 March 2020

Information and Communication Technology sector in Turkey is growing rapidly. In the field of information technologies, which has reached a size of 9 billion dollars, software and service items draw attention. The market of the software and service industry has reached $ 5.8 billion and stands out with an export share exceeding $ 650 million. This rapid growth forces sector players to change.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Information and communication technologies, which have rebuilt many sectors with the digital age, are leading the digital transformation in Turkey as well as in the whole world. This transformation from medium-sized enterprises to large enterprise companies increases the share of high value-added software and services in exports in the information technology sector. According to the TÜBISAD information and communication sector Sunday Data Report, which is examined by Caligo, which specializes in data analytics, Turkey's exports of services in the information technology sector reached $ 51.4 million and software exports reached $ 602 million. In order to continue this rapid growth in the software sector, especially small consulting companies, IT professionals and service companies have a large responsibility.

“Service and software exports will exceed 1 billion dollars”

Caligo co-founder Muharrem Işeri, whose origin in Turkey is the software sector, pointed out the products and services, said: “We see that the locality is 81% in the software and 63% in the service area. The fact that exports in these areas exceeded 650 million dollars in 2018 proves the high potential of Turkey in providing software and services. We expect this figure to exceed 1 billion dollars by the end of 2020, while our country is taking its competencies in the field of Information Technology one step further each day.”

“The way to export services in software is through India”

Mentioning that the key point to increase the export figures of the Turkish software industry is the service and consultancy categories, Muharrem İşeri said, “In the software field, definitions were used to be India, referring to the image of“ China's low quality ”. While there may be such as Turkey, India wishes. In this way, we export both products and services in the software field and at the same time, we can extract strong brands from our region.”

Turkey's software industry in the productive potential in the export product export up to use the service had to be kept in the forefront, emphasizing the Muharram İşeri, he said could be taken as an example of work in India. İşeri said, "Turkey's exports of services in the field of Information Technologies in the development, at least as important as the export product. TÜBİSAD data clearly shows that service exports reached a size of $ 51.4 million. This is a very important figure. India is the country that we need to get enlightened in this area. If you look at Gartner's "Data and Analytics Service Providers" report in February 2020, you will see 5 Indian consultancy companies in the list of 20 people. With their revenues reaching billions of dollars, these companies are providing services not only in their own countries, but also in all parts of the world, and bringing added value back to their countries. By thinking in the long term, it is not only the financial gain of the work done; dry, measure floor to us and our employees Reaping what we're doing this as well in Turkey.”

Software companies and employees have a great responsibility

Turkey's that all stakeholders need to change the current angle of view in the software industry for the development of the service area also touches on Muharram İşeri said, "The software consultancy in Turkey, we want to create a value chain of customers at this point, employees and software / consulting falls responsibilities to the company. Employees; should look for companies that support their development in the long term and contribute to the value proposition of the structure they are in. On the other hand, companies should change their mentality to create a corporate memory beyond the service that saves the day. expectations for software consulting company providing services in institutions in Turkey mostly "Body Shopping / Man Rental" form and come to life. However, this situation harms both customers and service companies in the long term. To do this, to organize the service procurement in the software area as a know-how transfer. If IT employees and service companies fulfill their responsibilities, software/consultancy companies will keep up with this change and the whole sector will start developing.”

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