One of the most successful start-ups in recent years, Kolay HR has taken the first step to opening the country!

One of the most successful start-ups in recent years, Kolay HR has taken the first step to opening the country!
05 September 2018

Kolay HR introduced the English version of personnel management software. The company, which opens the door of the world of easiness to human resources employees, aims to enable its users to feel comfortable in languages other than Turkish at the first stage, and to start operating in 3 new countries in the near term.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to research, there are between 7 and 8 thousand languages ​​in the world. A total of 1.5 billion people, including approximately 360 million native speakers, speak English. More recently in Turkey which aims to operate in three pilot countries outside the Kolay HR, those working in multinational companies in our country to make life easier and provide them feel comfortable when using the system with the target vehicle to practice English as you will choose a second language. Since September, those who log into the system can easily use all the applications in English. Offering solutions that make life easier in the field of personnel management company in Turkey, the company took its first step with a new destination in the foreign language options.

Commenting on the issue of Turkey's first cloud-based personnel management software Kolay HR Co-Founder Efecan Erdur, "we took in 2014, the foundations for Kolay HR, the vision of becoming the most efficient and approachable staff management tool in the industry is growing rapidly along line. Currently, the number of users who have logged in at least once a week to Kolay HR has exceeded 160 thousand. There are more than 14 thousand registered companies and more than 180 thousand employees in the system. Priority plan to grow our Ranks in Turkey and provide services to more companies. However, both the rapid increase in the demands we received from the multinational companies in Turkey and the size of the international markets enabled us to be faster in the steps to be taken. In line with this, as of September, we offered English as a second language. Our primary objective is to ensure that multinational employees of our global customers in our country such as Nike, Penti and Decathlon can use the system easily. In the follow-up of the Kolay HR in different regions of the world determined by the 3 pilot countries to put into practice, inde he said.

He stated that HR and personnel management differ according to each country and that they have many elements that need to be localized. Iğ We follow the processes of different countries and prepare reports with international consultancy firms. 3 more HR professionals to ease the country outside of Turkey we want to space the doors of the world. In this direction, we are working hard to achieve our goals. 

About Kolay HR
Kolay HR, Turkey's first cloud-based personnel management software. HR allows employees to focus on value-added jobs by minimizing their workload. It digitizes all processes related to personnel management, enables it to be executed under a single roof, increases efficiency and reduces errors. It provides solutions on many subjects such as permits, trainings, payroll, food card management, spending, participation in individual pension, embezzlement and personal information, performance management, and makes life easier for company employees and HR teams.

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