One out of every three people in Turkey has a driver's license

One out of every three people in Turkey has a driver's license
03 March 2020

The number of people with a driver's license in Turkey increased by 5% to 30.9 million. While 75% of those who have a driver's license are men and 25% are women, Istanbul is the city with the most driver's license.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to, an online driving school platform that incorporates Police Department data, 38% of the population in Turkey has a driver's license. Each academic year, an average of 1 million 250 thousand people go through detailed training to obtain a driver's license. Candidates enrolled in driving courses receive training on first aid, motor and traffic rules, while those who succeed in writing and driving exams are eligible to drive.

The number of driving license is more than the number of vehicles

Turkey in the overall number of registered motor vehicle traffic as of January 2020, 23 million, while the number reached 30.9 million people with driver's licenses. 23.6 million of these documents are B class, 1.6 million C class, 967 thousand D class, 4.7 million E class, 5.8 million F class driver documents. The number of A1 and A2 driving licenses covering motorcycle drivers exceeded 3 million.

“Driving courses are very important for traffic safety”

Indicating that traffic safety can be provided with conscious and knowledgeable drivers, General Coordinator Lokman Akkurt said, “There are 19 different driver's licenses to use motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, tractors and construction machines. In the driving courses, candidates undergo different training depending on the type of vehicle they want to take. Training in driving courses is very important in terms of ensuring traffic safety and minimizing driver-related problems. Let us not forget that in January, 87 percent of drivers sourced traffic accidents that took place in Turkey. Especially the candidates should be kept away from the logic of let's go and get a driver's license and prepare for traffic with serious training.”

"There are 3,650 driving schools in Turkey."

Stating that there were already 3,650 driving schools in Turkey, Akkurt said “Istanbul with 699 driving schools in our city where competition is highest. Ankara is followed by Ankara with 240 driving courses and İzmir with 211 driving courses. There is incredible competition in areas where driving courses are abundant. In this competition, simulation, etc. We see that those who develop innovative approaches are one step ahead. Driving courses should realize that they are training people on an important issue such as traffic, and their focus should be education. In this way, we can bring solutions to our basic problems and create a more sustainable traffic culture.”

“Candidates determine their preferences according to wages and awareness”

Stating that the candidates did not conduct detailed research in the process of obtaining a driver's license, Akkurt said, “The candidates mostly evaluate and decide on the fee. However, it should not be forgotten that taking exams again as a result of bad education constitutes a material burden. In addition, the candidates are showing interest in driving courses that they constantly see in their region of residence or refer to their acquaintances. At this point, we list the driving courses with the necessary qualifications in 81 provinces by listing and enable candidates to apply certain filters. Making the right choice, learning the information to be used for a lifetime and being the first step to be a conscious driver.”

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