Deadline for domain names with extensions is March 23

Deadline for domain names with extensions is March 23
26 February 2020

The deadline for the transfer of domain names to registered operators was determined as 23 March 2020 after the assignment process of 'TR' extension domains was transferred from METU to Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK).

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ISTANBUL (TR) - A new started in Turkey after the transfer of domain names with tr extension managed by from Middle East Technical University (METU) since 1991 to Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA). While the liquidation process of the system, which started in late 2019 and is expected to be completed in August 2020, continues, the transition of the 350,000 TR domain name from the system to other operators continues without slowing down.

Careful choice of the new operator

As of 23 March 2020, new registration and renewal processes will be stopped on, so domain owners must have chosen a new registration operator by this date. Cüneyt Yağız, the General Manager of Niobeweb, which has been providing registration and renewal services to TR domain names since 2008, emphasized the issues that users should pay attention to when choosing the registrar they will choose for TR domain names. According to Yağız, while the domain name owners decide on the registration operators, besides the price advantage; experience, technical competence and support skills should also be taken into account.

Stating that there are various requirements for the registration and transfer of TR domain names, Cüneyt Yağız warned and said, “TR domain name registrations are very sensitive processes. Even if the domain names seem to be suitable for registration, they need to submit a document that is fully compatible with the domain name whose registrability is desired to be registered, such as brand registration or activity certificate. Moreover, there are time limits to comply with the delivery of these documents. The delay or incompatibility experienced anywhere in the process can make it impossible to register the domain name.”

As of August 2020, the enforcement of documents for com is ending

Stating that as of August 2020, that the “.tr network information system” (TRABİS) will be fully operational, Cüneyt Yağız said that the registered domain name, which was limited to approximately 350 thousand in accordance with the current document requirements, could exceed 1.2 million with two times growth by the end of 2020 and three times growth by the end of next year.

Stating that Niobeweb is also ready for this paperless registration process; Cüneyt Yağız said “We completed our R&D studies to become the fastest registering operator when the domain name extension with no documents com extension started. Just like .com domain names, the introduction of the "first come" rule will also make registration operator selection more important. We are able to transmit simultaneous recording actions to the TRABIS system for all com. Com. We're talking about milliseconds here. Niobeweb is not only an authorized registration operator, but we are also a technology company that adapts to innovation the fastest and invests in R&D elements.”

Experience and support quality are important

Cüneyt Yağız emphasized that Niobeweb, which started its activities in 2000, has provided domain name registration and website hosting services for nearly 60 thousand individual and corporate customers and said “We have registered more than 200 thousand domain names in the past 20 years, hosting and security services for tens of thousands of websites. For nearly 12 years, we have registered and managed TR domain names for our customers. As we did yesterday, today, we continue to provide uninterrupted support services to tens of thousands of customers who prefer us for domain registration and management whenever they need.”