Saint Benoît High School 6th International Digital Spring Conference Begins

Saint Benoît High School 6th International Digital Spring Conference Begins
20 February 2020

Saint Benoit High School 6th International Digital Spring Conference, one of the important educational institutions of Turkey, opens its doors on February 21 and 22, 2020 with the theme of artificial intelligence in education.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - This year, the 6th International Digital Spring Conference, which focuses on the contribution of artificial intelligence technologies to education, will attend 450 educators and 20 business partners from different countries' universities, institutes, high schools and primary schools. In addition to artificial intelligence technologies, the conference will focus on many topics such as machine learning, data processing, virtual teacher, coding, augmented reality, serious games, escape games, global positioning systems, virtual classroom and digital training courses. In the event to be held, specially developed applications will meet innovations in the education sector, cooperation with Saint Benoit High School Digital Research and Development Committee (CDRN), Turkey's Embassy in France, Distance Education National Center (CNED), Pedagogical Support and Vehicle Network (CANOPE), Google Turkey, Door Technology, Bahçeşehir University, Emko and Bilge Adam.

Many famous names from Apple to Faruk Eczacıbaşı will talk about digitalization in education

The conference, which will start with the speech of the National Center for Distance Education (CNED), Michel Reverchon-Billot, on Friday, February 21, is the author of the book AI in 50 Questions, Alp Köksal, founder of the New Generation Learning Initiative, Gaël Le Dréau and CANOPE's international representative. Apple Education Technologies specialist Coralie Ulysse will contribute. The second day of the conference opens with Faruk Eczacıbaşı's speech titled "4 new concepts to adopt: Flexibility, Convergence, Network Structures and Security", while professionals specializing in digital tools in the education sector will share their digital experiences and organize workshops in the classrooms.

The best high schools in Turkey will code for 28 hours

Robert, Üsküdar, Bahçeşehir, Saint Joseph, SAJEV Galatasaray Tevfik Fikret, Saint Michel and Saint Benoît like with the participation of 10 student teams from Turkey's top 20 high school last 28 hours of an artificial be held intelligence IATHO contest. Students will try to create a solution on artificial intelligence at IATHON, which will start on Friday, February 21 at 09:00 and end on Saturday, February 22 at 13:00.

“The development of the industry will be provided by students”

Murat Kara, one of the founders of Door Teknoloji, who stated that the team that completed the competition for the first time will be taken to Vivatechnology Fair, said, “Students will make the greatest contribution in the process of aligning the education sector with digitalization and technologies. The ideas and solutions developed by the students who live the current education are very valuable. We, as Team Teknoloji, who won the contest organized to bring these ideas and concrete solutions, will take us to Vivatechnology Fair, the biggest technology fair in Europe, to be held in Paris.”

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