They traveled 6 thousand kilometers to commemorate Canakkale martyrs

They traveled 6 thousand kilometers to commemorate Canakkale martyrs
20 February 2020

Kabataş High School, one of the most established schools in Turkey, visited Canada for the Canakkale martyrs memorial program with Onbesliler Choir. Youngsters who performed as part of the program became the first Turkish delegation to visit Canada to commemorate the Canakkale martyrs.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Students of Kabataş High School visited Canada with the Onbesliler Choir, established in the memory of students and teachers martyred in the Balkan Wars, Çanakkale War, World War I and the War of Independence. Young people attending the Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial Program held in Canada gave a concert in memory of the martyrs in Newfoundland Province. Kabataş High School students who were applauded for standing, became the first Turkish delegation to go to Canada to commemorate Çanakkale martyrs. After the concert, the delegation was hosted by the T.C. Foreign Ministry Ottava Ambassador Kerim Uras at the Embassy residence and was awarded with a plaque of appreciation.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who attended the Opening Ceremony of Kabataş High School in 2018, took the Onbesliler Choir under the auspices of the presidency and supporting the choir's concerts in Czech, Hungary and Poland. The Canadian visit, considered the fourth leg of the project, was supported by the International High School Student Exchange Program (WCEP).

Canada visit paves the way for worldwide collaborations in education

Kabatas High School students Onbesliler Choir project supporting and Canada undertook the visit WCEP 'Turkey's General Manager Volkan Cerrahoğlu said, “We will build our future as WCEP to keep young people from the hands of ourselves, we know a debt. Our main goal is to help students grow up as individuals with intercultural skills, representing their country best abroad and with their feet firmly on the ground. Finally, we met with our Ottava Ambassador, Mr. Kerim Uras, who welcomed us during the visit of the Onbesliler Choir project that we supported, and we had the opportunity to inform him about our cultural and academic studies. In this way, we have taken an important step for our country to initiate global collaborations in the field of education. At the same time, being rewarded with a plaque of appreciation was a great source of pride for our country's promising young people and those of us who guide them. We would like to thank all our Embassy staff for their support and hospitality to our delegation.”

From common values ​​to common goals

Pointing out that memorial ceremonies are very important for strengthening the bond between the two countries, Volkan Cerrahoğlu said, “Kabataş High School was not able to graduate for a while due to the students' participation in Çanakkale War and being martyred in the war. At that time, Gonzaga High School in Newfoundland province lost its students who participated in the Battle of Çanakkale and could not graduate in the same way. It is very valuable to establish a bond between these two countries and to organize a joint memorial program after many years. We hope that similar people will emerge after such a meaningful project, we believe that common values ​​will lead to common goals.”

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