Hundreds of job postings in 15 days after the record high export of Turkey

Hundreds of job postings in 15 days after the record high export of Turkey
19 February 2020

Export success of Turkey in recent years began to have an effect on employment. Companies, which have focused exporting with the effect of incentives and digitalization, have been in an intense search for qualified labour force employment. 55 per cent of new job advertisements were given to employing export professionals.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In our country, exports exceeded 180 billion dollars in 2019, with an increase of 2 per cent compared to the previous year. Along with this number, while a new record was achieved in the history of the Republic, the increasing exports directly affected employment. Turkish companies exporting have started to search for a qualified workforce with marketing skills. Companies that want to strengthen their hand in exports by employing professional employees in positions such as Overseas Salesperson, Overseas Marketing Manager and Export Officer, have placed hundreds of job postings in a short time. According to the survey conducted by the career site, between February 1 and February 15, 2020, 55 per cent of new job advertisements were given to employing export professionals. It has been stated that 780 companies registered to the system have posted a total of 1,287 jobs in 15 days and 712 of them are export-related.

Companies need a qualified workforce in technology and export CEO Fedakar Günsili, who stated that SMEs are also oriented towards exports with digitalization, said, “We see that even small and medium-sized traders can export with the introduction of re-export into our lives. These manufacturers are generally working to employ technology-savvy personnel. For a long time, we have been hearing that there is a shortage of personnel in export in large companies and there is a search for it. With 2020, this issue started to feel its effect directly. Large companies, which have an export relationship with the European and Middle Eastern countries, which constitute an important part of foreign trade, offer a good level of English and Arabic as the first condition for jobs in the relevant department. In addition, mastering computer programs, having marketing skills and strong human relations are other features that are sought.”

Digital technologies are useful in hiring the right person

Stating that qualified personnel are important in high value-added jobs that contribute to the country's economy, such as exports, and that the human resources department and company management should be very careful in the selection of this personnel, Fedakar Günsili said, “Digital technologies in employment, job seekers are the right job combines with the right talent. In this context, career sites serving on the internet meet the needs of the private sector and the public. At this point, we find the right talents for using the artificial intelligence-based technologies for the requested jobs, and we greatly alleviate the workload of HR departments.”

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