Limak Energy manages the satisfaction of 3 million customers with Pisano.

Limak Energy manages the satisfaction of 3 million customers with Pisano.
06 September 2018

Limak Energy, one of the leading companies in the energy sector, communicates over the Pisano SMS channel in order to measure the satisfaction of its customers over 3 million in real time, and continuously improves the customer experience with instant data.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Limak Energy, which has been operating in Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Yalova since 2012, has collaborated with Pisano, a new generation customer experience management platform, to measure the satisfaction of its 3 million customers in real time. Limak Energy, which uses its instant feedback to improve its business processes and to provide an excellent customer experience, utilizes its instant feedback in the development of business processes, communicates with nearly 30 thousand customers via Pisano's SMS channel every day.

"In The way to break the competition is through the customer experience "

Limak Energy stated that they are the leading company in customer experience applications in the energy sector. Alp Arı, Marketing and Business Development Director of Uludağ Electric said, ı As Limak Energy, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. In order to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level, we start to measure the satisfaction of our customers with an average of 30 thousand customers. Working like a member of our team, Pisano is able to manage our field team much more effectively with its user-friendly interface, advanced reporting capability and instant solutions. Thanks to our insights and real-time satisfaction level analysis, we are building our branches, representatives and business processes more efficiently. With this project, I believe that we will maximize the satisfaction of our customers as Limak Energy. Bu

Inin After privatization, the energy sector began to feel that the customer experience had a direct impact on revenues and realized that it had to recognize its customer, inin said Özkan Demir, CEO of Pisano, who stated that the way to step forward in competitive market conditions is one step ahead. The research proves this. 84% of the companies investing in customer experience are experiencing an increase in revenues. Kapsamında Limak Energy is one of the companies that we met for the first time in the projects we developed for the energy sector and shared the same vision. Within the scope of the project we developed, we ask the customers about their overall experience with the transaction and brand by sending them an SMS after each transaction. By adding information about processing to customer experience data, we generate insights that Limak Energy can use in its daily operation. We are proud to be a first in the sector with one of the leading and innovative companies in the sector such as Limak Energy. Limak Energy's attention to customer satisfaction and communication is of great importance for the development of the energy sector in this area. 

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About Pisano
Pisano offers solutions for brands to strengthen their communications with their customers at all digital and physical touch points, thereby providing a better customer experience. So far, the TRP, Wesley Clover and two rounds Ventures investment company Vestel, Turkey mainly in the UK, Dubai, France, continues to grow in Russia and the Netherlands. Currently, TEB serves to brands such as Samsung, Opet, İş Bank, Macfit and Aras Kargo.

About Limak Energy
Limak Energy, a Limak Holding company, performs many services such as subscription, collection, discounted electricity sales, and advantageous tariffs in Uludağ Elektrik, Bursa, Balıkesir, Yalova and Çanakkale. Founded in 2012 and aims to provide excellent service to more than 3 million subscribers, the company creates added value to the society through its corporate social responsibility projects.