Turks will manage Europe’s largest vehicle fleet!

Turks will manage Europe’s largest vehicle fleet!
18 February 2020

As of the end of 2019, approximately 10% of tourism revenues came from the daily car rental sector in the Turkish market. The sector, which focuses especially on European tourists and ex-pats, stands out as a new favourite of the business world with its ever-growing potential.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The Daily car rental sector, which has become one of Turkey's major investment areas, has turned its course to foreign tourists and expatriates. The new goal of the sector, which has increased its share of tourism revenues every year, is to raise the per capita spending amounts of tourists in Turkey to generate more revenue. Selçuk Nazik, one of the most important names in the automotive sector who has assumed the role of General Manager of Elitcar as of January 2020, explained that the sector has a potential of TL 10 billion when Turkey's tourism traffic is taken into account.

10 billion TL potential in the daily car rental sector!

Stating that the demand of European tourists for rental cars has a great potential in the domestic market, Elitcar General Manager Selçuk Nazik said, “Daily car rental accounts for close to 10% of tourism revenues. If we consider the traffic Turkey's tourism sector that is already $ 10 billion of potential and we have seen an increasing trend. If the correct steps are taken, it is not far away to double this number. serving in 41 countries in Europe and as a company with a local agent software used by travel agents over 1,000, as well as domestic and employees abroad and powerful computing We contribute to entering the foreign exchange to Turkey's economy with our infrastructure.”

Turks will manage the biggest vehicle fleet in Europe!

There is potential in the best way thousands they manage through software systems to evaluate the car will continue to lease the incoming European tourists in Turkey, indicating Selcuk kind, "16 years ago, the software system they arise, hundreds of thousands of the vehicle is managed over the years from the time stated that turned into an ecosystem sustainable. As the 100% Turkish company, our goal is to manage the largest vehicle fleet in Europe within 10 years, at the point where the millions of investments made so far have brought the company.

Who is Selcuk Nazik?

For many years, working in Selcuk, Turkey's leading automotive companies, Gentle, Elitc As of January 2020 the company has brought to the hill administration. Completing her undergraduate education in the field of Economics in 2004, Selçuk Nazik completed her "Strategic Marketing Management" program at Cornell University in the USA, following her MBA degree from Istanbul Bilgi University. He started his professional career as an executive candidate at Erikli & Nestle Waters and held various positions in sales and marketing departments for almost 8 years. Nazik, stepping into the automotive industry at Intercity, undertook the Operations & Business Development Manager. Finally, Selçuk Nazik, who worked as Sales Manager at the VavaCars affiliate of Petrol Ofisi, was appointed as the General Manager of Elitcar as of January 2020.

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