130,000 people believed in free Maldives holidays

130,000 people believed in free Maldives holidays
18 February 2020

In Turkey, which is one of the 5 countries with the most cyberattacks in the world, cyber pirates organize 15 thousand ‘phishing’ attacks every day. Berqnet Firewall, the domestic cybersecurity producer that has taken action against the fishing attacks that exceeded 1 million in the first quarter of 2019, has managed to raise awareness of 130,000 internet users with the “Free Maldives Holiday” campaign fiction.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey has reached record levels of Internet use; It takes place in the target of cyberattacks called 'phishing'. Cyber ​​pirates, which drop users into their network with promises such as gifts, discounts, awards, take critical information such as identity, credit card or passport. It is stated that in our country, where approximately 15 thousand phishing attacks are carried out every day, this number has exceeded 1 million in the first quarter of 2019. Berqnet Firewall, a local cybersecurity producer that has taken action to raise awareness against increasing victims, has signed a remarkable campaign by “phishing up” to raise awareness of internet users. 130,000 internet users believed in the 'free holiday' message and were included in the fiction campaign.

Promising campaign: ”Maldives Holiday"

Launching a fictional fishing campaign to attract the attention of internet users to cyber-attacks and to show what kind of losses can cause, Berqnet Firewall is one-click “Gift Maldives Holiday!” created a promising campaign. With the fictional campaign carried out during the Legendary Friday and New Year period, where phishing attacks are most common, users were directed to a button to earn a gift holiday. When 130,000 visitors clicked the button to earn free vacation, they were directed to the page containing warnings and suggestions about the phishing attacks of Berqnet Firewall. On this page, 3500 visitors who understood the original issue, downloaded the training document by filling out the form that points out that promises such as gifts, awards or discounts are used for cyber attack and gained a deeper awareness of phishing attacks.

Simple measures against cyber fraud are vital.

Stating that they aim to prevent serious losses caused by cyber-attacks with their campaign, Berqnet Firewall General Manager Dr. A. Murat Apohan said, “Unconscious behaviours and minor carelessnesses made on the internet pose great risks for everyone, especially companies. Internet users can deceive various promises and allow their computers to be encrypted with one click and their sensitive information to be taken over by attackers. The process of cyber hackers asking for ransom can cause irreversible material and moral losses. In order to avoid these losses, it is vital to use solutions such as firewall and antivirus, which allow to raise individual awareness, train company employees and take necessary security measures.”

"The number of new domains bought for phishing increased by 64%."

Evaluating the data they obtained on targeted attacks in Turkey, Murat Apohan said “Turkey is an important target for cyber hackers in terms of user density. Our country is among the top 5 countries with the most cyber attacks. An average of 15 thousand fishing attacks are carried out in Turkey every day. January to March of 2019, the number of new domain names for fishing increased by 64% in the period from January to march of 2019, according to the data we have obtained. Unfortunately we expect these numbers to increase further. At this point, raising awareness of users plays a very critical role in preventing material and moral losses.”

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