London-based fintech platform to Invest in Turkey

London-based fintech platform to Invest in Turkey
18 February 2020

Financial technology platform Pynk, decided to open its new technology center in Turkey. The company, which provides financial analysis to its users with the artificial intelligence technology developed by the support of the Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminster Bank, is planning to invest in İzmir.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - London based financial technology company that offers artificial intelligence-based financial analysis related to investment opportunities (fintech), Pynk decided to open its new technology center in Turkey. Completing the second investment round, the company will be able to make investment decisions with the financial predictions it will acquire by processing the data received daily from all over the world through artificial intelligence in its new technology center in Izmir. 165 different countries, 15 thousand on active users reaching the decision to invest in Izmir statement made by Pynk, Turkey's software industry compared to the neighbouring countries more qualified to have the human resources and financial technology plays a major role in the development of open potential use was noted.

Support from leading UK brands

Pynk, behind the support of Founders Institute, 360 Labs and Mayor's International Business Program, as well as Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminster Bank, one of the largest banks in England, left a successful year in 2019. Finally, the initiative that made it to the semi-finals in the WebSummit event held in Lisbon came first in Wolves Summit. Pynk is among the leading enterprises in the field of social investing by many investors.

Talented software developers in İzmir will come together

To reach the most talented developers in Turkey, indicating artificially would organize the intelligence hackathon Pynk CTO and Turkey Operations Officer Yigit Nalkır said, "To find hidden talents in the software field edit many hackathons in 2020 we will employ at least many people. It will be a great opportunity to develop Pynk's artificial intelligence-based analysis and investment suggestion system with Turkish software developers and to prove ourselves.”

"We want to increase the financial literacy of young people"

Stating that they want to support the investment decisions of the millennium generation, which has lost their trust in the financial sector, with technology-based analysis and forecasts, Yiğit Nalkıran said, “Pynk aims to offer individual solutions against financial crisis, which is a major threat. We aim to take the time for financial issues with young people and decide with other users and gain financial literacy.”

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