Award to Turkish company from technology giant Zebra!

Award to Turkish company from technology giant Zebra!
17 February 2020

Zebra, one of the world's leading technology companies, awarded its Turkish business partner Univera the “Winning Collaboration” award as a result of the evaluations among its business partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa (MENA) region.

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ISTANBUL (TR) -  Zebra, a hardware and technology company operating in 45 different countries of the world, held its Channel Partner Summit event held every two years in Paris between 22-24 January 2020 this year. In the event, where Zebra hosted its business partners in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (MENA) region, companies were awarded in 10 different categories in accordance with different criteria such as innovative solutions, market dominance, strategic partnerships, service quality and turnover. Univera, the domestic technology company that offers corporate technology solutions, has been awarded as one of the most valuable business partners of Zebra as the winner of the "Winning Collaboration" category.

Business Partnership Exceeding 15 Years

Accepting the award at the ceremony, Univera Business Partner Manager Fatih Yiğit continued his speech by stating that innovation and close teamwork are the basis of his business partnerships with Zebra. As Univera, we use software that supports Zebra hardware products in the technology solutions we develop, and we stand out with the support of Zebra in our solutions. As Univera and Univis, we are proud and happy that our partnership, which we have continued on both sides, has been crowned with this award, and we hope that such partnerships will continue increasingly.

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About Univera

Univera, which has been providing corporate technology solutions since 1992, produces software that enables companies to digitalize in sales, logistics and service. Solutions from A to Z produced in the R&D Center, which has been operating since 2015, addressing different sector needs, such as Multi-Channel Sales Management, Business Partner Management, Mobile Team Management, Warehouse and Production Management, Data Collection from the Field, Supply Management. It ensures that it is carried out quickly and with minimal errors.