Future of technology discussed in TechneTalks

Future of technology discussed in TechneTalks
17 February 2020

The first of the monthly speech series TekhneTalks focused on art, science, culture and technology was held with the participation of journalist Serdar Kuzuloğlu. Kuzuluoğlu discussed how consumers, companies, communication and employees transformed in the time tunnel from the mythological era to the present.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Tekhnelogos, one of Turkey's major technology and R & D companies, held the first of its series of events called TekhneTalks, in which technology will be discussed with culture, art and Science last week. The first guest of the monthly meetings was journalist Serdar Kuzuloglu. Kuzuluoğlu gave a speech entitled” The New World, The New Consumer, The Other Side of Technology in the New Company", and shared with us clear examples of how human beings who once lived in a cave and had a very small communication diameter became appealing to the masses every second in the digital age.

“Technology should touch people's lives”

In the opening of the event, which was moderated by technology writer Fırat Demirel, Tekhnelogos CTO Mehmed Ali Çalışkan summarized the purpose of the event series as follows: “We are a technology company that always tries to touch life beyond all technical skills. With this motivation, we launched TekhneTalks in order to both contribute to the common mind of the technology and enterprise ecosystem and to benefit from the common mind. The focus of TekhneTalks is not the present, but the future, and we know very well that the past and the present must be understood correctly in order to be successful in the future. The interest shown in the first step gave us great excitement and responsibility. We will continue to do our best to keep this interest increase in the coming months. ”

At the event held at the Tekhnelogos Altunizade office, Serdar Kuzuloğlu said, “I have been able to touch on the topics I have been talking about for a long time without having any restrictive topics and this made me very happy. Here I had the opportunity to address a very relevant and colourful audience and exchanged views. I talked with great pleasure and it was an activity that I listened with great pleasure. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.”

In the events to be held every month, the future of the technology-oriented society will be discussed.

TekhneTalks event series is shaped like a new idea environment where technology and science are spoken together with culture and art, with expert and experienced speakers. It opens up to discuss where the world will be in the future and how ready today's society is for this future. New meetings of the event series, which brings together those who look at technology from a different angle and think outside the line, can be accessed from the BoatTalks website.

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