Demand for websites is increasing, registered domain name exceeded 4 million

Demand for websites is increasing, registered domain name exceeded 4 million
12 February 2020

The number of individual and corporate domain names in Turkey exceeded 4 million in 2019. Turkey's share in the global hosting sector has increased by 69 per cent in the last 5 years. While the number of websites is increasing rapidly, high-tech solutions that facilitate digital transformation are driving demand for the next generation innovation-driven hosting companies.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Despite the fluctuations in the exchange rate in recent years, Turkey continues without interrupting the digital conversion speed. According to report, which viewed W3tech, located in Turkey, the number of individual and corporate domain name exceeding the 12% portion of the 4 million this domain name is used for an active website. The share of Turkey in the global hosting industry rose to 2.2% as of January 2020 1,3'% in 2016. An increase of about 69% in the last 5 years, this figure pointing in Turkey also confirms that demand rises rapidly with the website.

Users turn to websites that don't require a developer

While users who want to open a website have increased interest in ready-made website solutions with open source content management systems, there is a contraction in the demands made for companies that offer traditional web solutions. Expressing that the traditional hosting approaches have been replaced by high speed, uninterrupted and easy manageability thanks to the freedom of the software developer to produce independent content, CTO Fatih Gülsuyu said, “The website hosted by mainstream hosting companies that have not been able to adapt to this transformation and have been in demand for a long time in the market. "This trend is backed by a new generation of hosting companies that focus on innovation.”

$ 250,000 hardware investment

Fatih Gülsuyu said that, which grew by 75 per cent in 2019, has grown uninterruptedly for the last 5 years, said: “We have made a hardware investment of 250 thousand dollars recently, but more importantly, thanks to our investments in R&D and innovation, it is much different from our traditional competitors. we are in position. As, which invests in customer experience in the market and maintains customer communication with realistic campaigns and clear benefits, we are determined to continue our stable growth in 2020.”

“You can publish your website in minutes”

Cüneyt Yağız, the co-founder of, who stated that ready-made web solutions that do not require software developers can offer the same speed, security and sustainable quality, said, “You can have a professional website that reflects your business or hobbies by using ready-made website solutions that you can publish in minutes. You can easily manage websites that work in harmony with all software inventories at any scale for your customized needs from a single point. Moreover, you can reach our professional and solution-oriented support center whenever you need it.”

“We focus on customer needs and produce practical solutions”

Assign speed digital conversion steps in Turkey, website and e-mail services, such as the demand for internet presence every day increased indicating that Cüneyt Yağız, "When we look back to have a website that you have knowledge of software and design or for the job you should have received professional support. Today, thanks to the practical solutions available, it is possible to create your website in minutes. This situation revealed the fact that not only people with technical equipment in the market but everyone can have a website.”