AloTech provided infrastructure to 200 million calls in 36 countries

AloTech provided infrastructure to 200 million calls in 36 countries
12 February 2020

Call center infrastructure provider AloTech, which expanded into overseas markets after getting investment from Yemeksepeti CEO Nevzat Aydin in February 2019, announced its 2019 data. Hundreds of call centers from 36 countries using the Alotech infrastructure received more than 200 million calls in 11 languages last year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Combining all communication channels like voice, chat, chatbot, WhatsApp etc. for call centers in a single infrastructure over the cloud, AloTech shared 2019 data. Using AloTech infrastructure in 11 different languages ​​in 36 countries from 5 continents, call centers reached more than 500 customers and 20,000 users last year.

The total number of incoming and outgoing calls over all channels has exceeded 200 million, according to the data of approximately 20,000 customer representatives serving over AloTech throughout the year. While the rate of incoming calls to call centers was 76.9%, outgoing calls were 23.1%. AloTech provided 45% of the traffic generated in logistics operations by a chatbot, creating a serious cost advantage in transportation companies' operations especially during peak periods.

The city that calls call centers the most compared to its population: Kırklareli

Although the provinces that received the highest call in 2019 were Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir in parallel with the population density, Kırklareli was the city that received the most calls compared to the population, and Bolu and Artvin followed Kırıkkale. The cities that received the least calls compared to their population were Çanakkale, Tokat and Hakkari, respectively.

“Night owls" talked with call centers

While the customers were looking for the call centers between 10.00 - 11.00 hours, the night owls were not comfortable this year. Compared to the previous year, the number of customers calling the call centers increased by 24%, reaching 870,456. Customers reached their call centers using WhatsApp, phone, chat, chatbot channels. While most calls came to call centers on Monday, the month with the most calls due to the Black Friday effect was December.

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About Alotech

Founded in 2007, AloTech is a technology company that aims to offer all call center functions to the customers as a “service” over the internet, to businesses that want to offer their call center services. Unlike traditional technology hardware, software, investment costs, such as servers and maintenance, licensing and upgrade flexibility to the business, such as requirements for non-cloud services with call centers, cost advantages, management and aims to provide ease of use AloTech, cloud technology with this approach among the pioneers in Turkey taking. AloTech, which consists of Cloud PBX (Cloud PBX), Cloud Call Center (Cloud Contact Center) and Channel Call Management services, charges its entire service portfolio with a pay-as-you-go model, thus providing a “real” added value to its customers. aims to become a business partner.