Hypnosis is the key in sales-oriented leadership

Hypnosis is the key in sales-oriented leadership
06 February 2020

Sales and marketing professionals from many industries came together at the “Hipnotik Sen Satarsın” event. Turkish mentor coach Fatih Elibol, who works on leadership at Harvard University, gave striking insights on the effects of self-programming and awake hypnosis techniques in sales and marketing.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Sales and marketing professionals met on Wednesday, February 5 at the "Hipnotik Sen Satarsın" event in Istanbul. In the event attended by many sales professionals, Fatih Elibol, who supported the world's leading executives as a leading coach, discussed his skills of programming himself, creating a sense of purchase and asking hypnotic questions. On the agenda of the mentor coach, who reveals the depths of neuro-sales and neuro-marketing, which are considered as the most effective methods of sales and marketing, there were autohypnosis, namely self-programming and vigilant hypnosis techniques that led the human brain to success.

“Convince your own brain with autohypnosis”

Fatih Elibol emphasized that in order to achieve the targeted success in sales and marketing, where persuasion is the leading role, the brain that will convince him, not the buyer, should be persuaded. As negative thoughts are repeated, it creates a hypnotic effect on the brain, and whatever the thought that the brain is under the hypnotic effect will be the result. Professionals tend to get negative thoughts, especially in areas where the road to a conclusion, such as sales and marketing, is often stressful. The key to success here is autohypnosis, which will keep the brain under the hypnotic influence of positive thoughts. Autohypnosis, which can be defined as managing thoughts and persuasion, should be the first step for professionals to play a role in sales and marketing activities.”

“With the awake hypnosis, you have the key to the minds”

Underlining that hypnosis is not a state of sleep or illusion, the mentor coach added that sales and marketing success can be increased with awake hypnosis. Elibol said, “The hypnosis used in the field of sales and marketing is for the buyers to give themselves permission to access their minds. Success in sales and marketing is through realizing the buyer's dreams. To learn these dreams, professionals need to be able to attract the attention of the buyer, build excitement and build trust. For example, reminding the buyer's positive past experiences or revealing similarities creates a link between professionals and buyers. This bond delivers the key of the mind to professionals. Because the satisfaction created by sales and marketing on the buyer side is the possibility of purchasing their dreams. What professionals need to learn is to make their dreams accessible and affordable.”

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About Fatih Elibol

Fatih Elibol, who has been working for 13 years at Harvard University on the effects of the teachings gained with the help of coaches and mentors, among them Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, Rakuten CEO Mickey Mikitani, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Power China President Yan Zhiyong, former president of Rockofeller Foundation Judith Rodin, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, BNP Paribas CEO Jean Bonnafe and Roman Abramovich, many world-renowned politicians, managers and thinkers in leadership and leadership skills. it supports. Elibol is also a mentor and leader coach to deputies in the UK and European Union Parliament. The Turkish mentor coach, who is a member of the International Federation of Coaches (ICF) and holds the title of PCC (Professional Certified Coach), continues to work especially in the areas of neuro-leadership, neuro-sales and neuro-marketing.