Support night was organized for Gümüşlükspor

Support night was organized for Gümüşlükspor
03 February 2020

A support night was organized in Bodrum for Gümüşlükspor, where artist Nejat İşler is the vice-president. Birsen Tezer, Grup Gündoğarken, Kenan Vural (Yüksek Sadakat), Mehmet Erdem, Ozbi and Zeki Açabey (Yol Project) performed in the night.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The second support night organized in Istanbul in the past months for Gümüşlükspor under the main sponsorship of Quantum was held in Bodrum this time. All technical delegations and players, including Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, Gümüşlükspor President Ahmet Faik Karakaya, Vice President Mehmet Özak, Vice President Nejat İşler, attended the night for the benefit of the club.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, who appeared on stage with Nejat İşler on this special night; He thanked all technical delegations and supporters, especially Faik Karakaya, Nejat İşler and Mehmet Özak, who worked for Gümüşlükspor by supporting sports and sportsmen and investing.

Arıkan Saat Corporate Communications Manager Ayşegül Gönültaş stated that they met with Gümüşlükspor in order to create equal opportunities for young people, encourage sports and contribute to their future. stated that they believe that cheerful and clean football is possible and that they are honoured and happy to be a companion on this journey to Gümüşlükspor. with major companies in the sector in Turkey Arikan Hour of hours that Quantum has been a sponsor of Gümüşlükspor for the 2019-2020 season.