Middle East capital in Turkish companies decreased by 21.8%.

Middle East capital in Turkish companies decreased by 21.8%.
29 January 2020

While 12,634 companies with foreign capital were established in Turkey in 2019, Iranians showed the greatest interest in becoming partners with Turkish companies with 970 companies. According to ExpoValley's research, the amount of capital from Middle Eastern countries in newly established companies decreased by 21.8 per cent for the first time in three years and fell below $ 1 billion.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - While the number of companies established with foreign partners in 2019 decreased by 5.7% compared to the previous year, the total amount of foreign capital in the companies that started operations increased by 40.7% and reached 4 billion 789 million 981 TL. Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), according to ExpoValley examining the data on the average foreign capital ratio in companies established in foreign partnership in Turkey, while 83.25% and falling foreign capital ratio per company was 379 thousand 57 TL. While Istanbul was the city that received the most foreign capital investment in the company established with 2 billion 623 million 490 thousand 463 TL, Manisa ranked second with 949 million 653 thousand 500 TL. Manisa behind this rise of the Volkswagen brand plans to manufacture in Turkey, "Turkey Volkswagen Automotive Industry and Trading Joint Stock Company" lies in establishing headquartered in Manisa.

4,031 new companies in Turkey from Middle Eastern countries!

Focusing on developing the commercial volume with the Middle Eastern countries, ExpoValley examined the share of the Middle Eastern countries among the companies with foreign spread partners established in 2019. Despite the 21.8% decrease in the amount of capital by 2018 was about 930 million 993 thousand 889 TL worth of capital and the newly established company with the most investment in 4031 that the Middle East region to Turkey.

In the interest of Turkey, the increase in exports, indicating that it has a large share of ExpoValley founder Yusuf Yenitürkoğulları said, “According to the previous year exports increased by 2 per cent in Turkey in 2019 exceeded 180 billion dollars. Turkey in Europe after his most exports in the Middle East, which is an increase of 8 per cent volume reached 26 billion dollars. Especially in our exports, we have exported $ 7.6 billion to Iraq, $ 4.3 billion to second Israel and $ 3.1 billion to third Saudi Arabia. increase in exports, the Middle East who want to be in production are pushing investors to invest in Turkey”

Iran ranks first in the number of newly established companies, Syria in investment

investing in establishing a company in Turkey in 2019 among Middle Eastern investors Syrians, took first place with a total investment amounting to 146 million 135 thousand 950 TL. With 970 companies that have established and most companies established in Turkey, Iranians second with 138 million 133 thousand 525 TL 125 million 511 thousand Egyptians was third with 290. Companies founded with capital originating from Middle Eastern countries invested especially in real estate, wholesale and retail trade and manufacturing sectors.

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