StartersHub invested in 3 foreign-based ventures

StartersHub invested in 3 foreign-based ventures
20 January 2020

With a rapid start to 2020, early-stage technology investment fund StartersHub invested in 3 foreign-based ventures.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - StartersHub, which has positioned itself as an early-stage technology investment fund by changing its investment model as of 2019, started 2020 fast. Under the new investment strategy mainly in Turkey closely follows the initiatives of Central and Eastern European countries in investment funds, the Asya.a of Lithuania, Romania and announced that the flix invests 3 KnowTia initiative called the United States.

Asia: Mobile application to strengthen the bond between couples

Today, digitalization relationships that touch every area of ​​life also affect., which StartersHub invested, also uses an artificial intelligence-based algorithm to strengthen the bond between couples. The application records the conversations between the couples analyzes them instantly with artificial intelligence technology and gives feedback. The application, which makes both semantic and emotional inferences, advises opening the door to a happy relationship by making warnings about sound level, emphasis, general attitude and utterances like a relationship coach. Being in the beta testing process, is used by more than 1,000 users, mostly Lithuania, England, USA and Norway. Application developers will use the investment from StartersHub to develop AI-based emotion recognition engines and marketing activities.

Knowt: Artificial intelligence students accelerate learning by taking exams from the grades they take

The US-based Knowt, which was founded by two university students, is an initiative in the field of educational technology. The initiative, which is attached to the radar of StartersHub, supports the learning process with the questions prepared by a student's own lecture notes using artificial intelligence and machine learning. If students wish, they can scan their handwritten notes with Knowt to carry them to digital or upload their notes on computers to the system. The application, on the other hand, generates 3 different questions, multiple-choice, space-filling and open-ended, by understanding the subject with machine learning. In this way, it supports students in their preparation for exams. Currently, the application, which only serves English, is used by 4 thousand users between the ages of 6-25, including the USA, India and the UK.

Flixier: Videos are ready in 1 minute with the online video editing tool

Another initiative that StartersHub invested was Flixier, an online video editing tool. The Romanian initiative allows videos to be edited via the web browser while allowing it to be rendered in just 1 minute. The prepared videos are shared within seconds by link, eliminating the need for a different file sharing service. This saves video production teams serious time. The comments and revisions on the video, on the other hand, are noted in the video scenes in seconds, thus preventing misunderstandings. With a total of 3600 users from 100 countries, Flixier prefers Youtubers and marketing professionals. Flixier will evaluate StartersHub's investment in its marketing efforts to expand to global markets faster.