R & D Centers in Turkey has increased 3 times in 2 years.

R & D Centers in Turkey has increased 3 times in 2 years.
13 September 2018

The number of R & D centers operating in our country increased 99% in the last 2 years to 995. R & D centers in Turkey prepared to say aster, 13 billion R & D expenditure in the world ranking rose to 18.'lig.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - R & D activities, which are the ones to be able to compete in international markets by developing high value added products, are increasing in our country as well as in the world. The number of R & D centers in the last two years, Turkey has seen growth 197'lik%. The number of R & D centers increased from 334 in 2016 to 995. 25 thousand 741 projects were carried out in R & D centers so far. Turkey, the 2018 R & D expenditure was allocated by 18 in the world ranking with 12 billion 950 million TL.

Univera produces 100% domestic software in R & D center

Providing comprehensive technology solutions for corporate business processes for more than 25 years, Univera has been ranked among the top 5 software in the world by the independent research organization Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) for the last 3 years with the software developed in R & D center. Univera Software Development Manager Seçkin Karabacakoğlu stated that more than 100 brands from many sectors from automotive to food prefer to Univera solutions. Seç Our R & D Center, which started operating after ministerial approval in 2015, has grown by 44% since its inception. reached a staff of people. Our R & D team is now one third of our total number of employees. 62% of our R & D team works on coding and we provide support to many domestic and international companies in the field of sales, logistics and service with 100% domestic capital and solutions we offer in software field. As an indigenous company coming out of these lands, we are taking steps considering ourselves and the future of our country.

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About Univera 

Univera, which provides corporate technology solutions since 1992, produces software that provides digitalization of companies in sales, logistics and service. The solutions from A to Z produced in the R & D Center, which has been in operation since 2015, have been designed to meet the needs of different sectors, such as Multi-Channel Sales Management, Partner Management, Mobile Team Management, Warehouse and Production Management, Site Data Collection, Procurement Management. fast and minimal error.