70 Iranian technology companies are coming to Istanbul!

70 Iranian technology companies are coming to Istanbul!
16 January 2020

Iran's leading 70 advanced technology companies are gathering in Istanbul on 21-23 January 2020 to meet with potential business partners in Turkey The goal of Iranian companies is to increase economic cooperation in the field of technology.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 70 Iranian high technology companies operating in many sectors from health to electronics, software to communication are preparing to come to Istanbul on 21-23 January 2020 to meet Turkish technology companies within the scope of the official invitation. between Turkey and Iran focused on technology covered by a 3-day visit aimed at increasing economic cooperation; B2B meetings will be held with Turkish companies operating in the fields of information and communication technologies, electronics, engineering services, health, machinery and equipment. Iran, which currently operates in various fields with about 5,000 advanced technology companies, has attracted attention with the importance it attaches to information-based companies in recent years.

$ 4.94 billion trade volume encourages

Turkey and Iran, for centuries, particularly trade, running close relations in many fields, including culture and politics. The trade volume of the two major countries, which reached $ 4.94 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase gradually, encourages new economic moves. The two countries' Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and the D-8 membership play an important role in accelerating their economic relations, especially in the field of knowledge-based products and services. He said visiting Iranian companies will come to Turkey within the scope of the event aims to bridge between the two private sectors to increase the economic capacity of the country.

Turkish companies can fill the online form and schedule meetings with Iranian companies.

70 The Iranian technology company, to introduce a three-day visit to Turkey during 21-23 January 2020 date between areas of expertise and technology to evaluate new opportunities for cooperation with Turkish companies will meet in the Elite World Istanbul Hotel. Turkish technology companies wishing to meet Iranian companies between 10-14.00 on Wednesday, January 22 will be able to participate by filling out the registration form on the "Iran Front Page" website.

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