"Private sector makes 75 percent of health investments"

14 January 2020

According to Ministry of Health data, 40% of the hospitals in Turkey are private hospitals. While 75 percent of health investments are made by the private sector, private hospitals receive 30 percent share of the health expenditures made by SSI.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Privatization activities continue in many sectors in Turkey. The privatization steps taken in the field of health help to avoid the financial burden of public sector deficits. The building and equipment were renewed without bringing any burden to the state, thus providing better health care, stating that Ankara Private Natomed Hospital Chief Physician. Dr. Ayşegül Akbay, “The state can control the health services by privatization according to certain rules and improve the quality of service”.

“Public resources should be made available to the public”

The issue that should be considered in privatization is not to create a public finance, but to protect the principle of providing public resources in the most rational way. Dr. Ayşegül Akbay said, “Today, 75 percent of health investments are realized by the private sector. The share of private hospitals in health expenditures of SSI is around 30 percent. Liberalization in health makes it necessary to expand the scope of the private sector in the provision of services and to encourage private hospitalization in this context.

Liberal Health liberalization will bring economic stability

In order to improve the field of private hospitalization, the public should be more sensitive. Dr. Ayşegül Akbay made the following statements; “Liberal Achieving economic stability will be the greatest benefit that our country will achieve through liberalization in health. Thus, enterprises that can use their resources more effectively will ensure a stronger competition. The added value created by liberalization will alleviate the financial burden of the public sector and, on the other hand, contribute to the healthier functioning of the national economy.”