Baby bottle tooth decay adversely affects the dental health of children

Baby bottle tooth decay adversely affects the dental health of children
10 January 2020

“Baby bottle tooth decay”, which occurs due to the use of baby bottles in children, adversely affects the development of the primary teeth as well as the milk teeth. Dr. Kenan Cantekin warns parents that dental health may deteriorate in the future if precautions are not taken.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Baby bottle tooth decay is a type of bruise that is frequently seen in children aged 3 years and younger and develops mainly due to bottle use. If the baby is given a bottle of milk shortly before sleep, the baby bottle decay spreads and causes a bad appearance in the front teeth. In addition to bad smell and pain in the mouth, it is difficult to chew solid foods, baby bottle caries, if left untreated, brings along tooth, gum and jaw disorders. Treatment of falling, broken and shrinking milk teeth due to bottle caries. Kenan Cantekin warns the families about the measures to be taken.

“Do not give children sweetened foods with a bottle before sleep”

After 1 year, children should not be given any nutrients other than water in a bottle. A Parents use bottles for a long time to feed the children, said Kenan Cantekin. Children who are accustomed to bottle does not want to consume liquid in a different way. Milk teeth mature after the age of 1 bottle is damaging the use of teeth. Before sleep, feeding with sugar-based mixtures such as honey and molasses accelerates bottle decay. In order to prevent baby bottle tooth decay, children should not be given any food other than water with a bottle, especially before sleep.”

“Don't say new ones will come anyway”

Saying that the biggest mistake made by the parents about caries in the milk teeth is the idea that milk teeth will fall, new teeth will come, Kenan Cantekin said, “This thought is a big mistake. Milk teeth are the basis of the main teeth. Disturbances in primary teeth cause trapezoidal teeth and gum and jaw problems. Preventive measures should be taken and problems should be taken in milk teeth, such as bottle decay. In addition, it is very important that the teeth are brushed by the parents until the school-age and by the children after the school age.

“Zirconium coatings specially developed for children”

Zirconium coatings, which have been used for years to provide an aesthetic image in the design of laughter in adults, are also being applied in children. Kenan Cantekin, “Zirconium coatings are specially developed for children, fracture-resistant, white bright-coloured tooth coatings. Today, especially in children with decayed anterior teeth as a method of treatment stands out. Zirconium coatings have many advantages. Coatings in a single session and no additional treatment until the teeth fall provides ease of use. Although it is quite aesthetic compared to milk tooth fillings; biting, chewing, such as functional movements in the filler shows much more durability. In addition, because zirconium material does not allow plaque build-up, the risk of new caries in the coated tooth is very low.”