Special award to The Istanbul Jazari Museum

Special award to The Istanbul Jazari Museum
09 January 2020

The Istanbul Jazari Museum, which opened “The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari Exhibition” doors to visitors in 2019 was awarded the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) Fuat Sezgin Award.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Anatolia's largest inventor Jazari in the 13th century wrote that appropriate in the Kitab-ul Hiyel and working order of the Istanbul Cezeri Museum offering produced machines to visitors, was awarded Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) Fuat Sezgin Corporate Special Award. Having achieved a great success with the exhibition of Cezeri's Extraordinary Machines, which is the first in the world, İstanbul Jazari Museum, which is accepted as the ancestor of modern mechanics and who has been the chief engineer of Artuklu Palace for 26 years, has produced the machines of UNİQ Expo between February and August 2019. in Istanbul. The exhibition, which reflects science and art as a whole, hosted 100,000 visitors.

“The legacy of meticulous work for 15 years”

In his opening speech, ”TÜBİTAK and TÜBA Science Awards” ceremony held at Beştepe Millet Congress and Culture Center on December 30, 2019, President Erdoğan presented the awards given to the holders of the studies that the greatest legacies of the scientists left behind and the benefits that their research provided to the society. he. Dr Fuat Sezgin received the Corporate Special Award. After the ceremony, Ahmet Selami Çalışkan said, “In February 2019, we exhibited our heritage, which is the legacy of a meticulous work of 15 years, and received great interest from visitors. My father, who is a mechanical engineer, was honoured to be honoured with such an award of the most beautiful science museum of our country, for which the contributions of Durmuş Çalışkan and his labour were rewarded. ”

The exhibition curator Mehmed Ali Çalışkan said, “It is a great honour for us to embrace the value of Cezeri, to bring together all the innovations brought to mechanics with visitors and to be instrumental in making its name more known. I would like to state that we received this beautiful award that we received today on behalf of my father Durmuş Çalışkan, on behalf of all our stakeholders who enjoyed walking together and supported us. On behalf of the Istanbul Cezeri Museum, I would like to thank all the visitors who were curious and crowned our exhibition. ”

Istanbul Jazari Museum will hold its second exhibition at The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel in Antalya between 18 January - 3 March 2020.