Kompedan aims to open 20 new stores in 2020

Kompedan aims to open 20 new stores in 2020
09 January 2020

Kompedan, one of Turkey's long-established underwear stores, announced its new year targets. Looking to maintain its growth with 20 new stores in 2020, the brand has started selling franchises for investors.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Since 2016, Kompedan, which has been growing in double-digit numbers every year, announced its 2020 targets. Currently, 28 different cities in Turkey's 39 stores in the brand, aims to open 20 new stores this year. Stating that some of its new stores will be opened by franchise method, Kompedan supplies over 50 thousand products from 92 producers, mostly from domestic, with 20 years of experience in the underwear industry.

“Growth will continue with new enthusiasm”

Started operations in 1999 and reached 128 stores throughout Turkey in 2016, Kompedan CEO Necdet Celal Güner stated, "Due to the lack of proper management of the growth process and economic difficulties, Kompedan was in a situation of changing hands in 2016. In the same period, Kompedan, which was purchased by Onbir Perakende established by Özkan Tekstil and Yurteks Tekstil, continued its activities without interruption. In our physical stores, which are visited by an average of 12 million people annually, we are working diligently to bring quality products to our people.”

“We will increase women's employment with new stores”

Stating that 97 percent of 400 employees are women, Necdet Celal Güner said, “We apply positive discrimination to women in the employment we provide in our stores. Turkey needs in different city centers, we want to continue this tradition in all stores to be opened with either franchise.”