itelligence has grown 6 times!

itelligence has grown 6 times!
07 January 2020

Information and communication technologies (ICT) sector has grown by 214% in the last 6 years on TL basis, while itelligence Turkey has grown by 666% in the same period. According to employment figures, the sector grew by 39% and itelligence Turkey by 298%.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to TÜBİSAD’s Information and Communication Technologies Sector 2013 - 2018 Market Data report; The market size of the ICT sector, which was TL 61 billion in 2013, reached TL 131.7 billion by the end of 2018 and grew by 214%. In the same period, employment increased by 39% from 100 thousand to 139 thousand. itelligence is SAP's largest partner in Turkey Turkey on the basis of turnover last 6 years, 6, and 3-fold growth in the number of employees noted. 2013 turnover of 36.5 million TL 240.1 million in 2018, reaching the size of itelligence showing 666% growth in Turkey, 2015, 315 employees were removing 940 provides 298% increase by the end of 2019. SAP's Global | Platinum Business Partner itelligence Turkey, countries in the last 2 years with our R & D & Innovation Customer Experience & Support has established the Center. Turkey's leading company in the digital transformation projects focused on companies undergoing life, the growth in 2019 was supported by expanding its headquarters in Istanbul Atasehir.

CEO of itelligence Turkey stating that they grew rapidly with the digital transformation-oriented project Dr. Abdülbahri Danış said, "As the market leader in SAP applications, we are proud to achieve a 6-fold increase in turnover and a 3-fold increase in the number of employees in the last 6 years. As of the end of 2019, we offer end-to-end solutions for digital transformation to more than 650 customers with our expert team of 940 people. While our turnover volume reached TL 240.1 million in 2018 with the projects we have realized, we are pleased to see that the projects we have realized together with our customers, who have accompanied the digital transformation, set an example for other companies in our country. Today, we are not only in terms of project, turnover and number of employees; As the company focused on IoT, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain with the new generation of technologies that we have configured with our R & D & Innovation Center, our growth continues at full speed.”

R & D Center is exporting consultancy services to the world.

Science, Industry and Technology Ministry established with the approval of the R & D center in Istanbul, Turkey itelligence, SAP and non-SAP software and technological applications are being developed. Appropriate sectoral solutions to customer needs and creating new products, trying to make it compatible to the global applications market in Turkey. The R & D unit also exports these applications developed for different sectors of our country to the world.

Business ideas turn into solutions with the Innovation Center.

SAP, Google, Amazon and Microsoft Azure established to convert as cloud platforms IOT and Blockcha As new technologies on working out the business ideas of the product revealed itelligence Turkey innovation center with SAP or non-innovative ideas on any research and development without investing in business solutions for all companies that use innovation an environment that can be implemented.

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About itelligence
SAP's global | Platinum Partner itelligence produces approaches that are the driving force of SAP innovations. Combining global competencies and industry expertise with local experience, the company serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide with more than 10,000 employees in 69 centers in 25 countries. The company, which has turned trust into value for 30 years, has been operating in our country since 2000. Itelligence as SAP applications, the market leader in Turkey, the expert team of more than 940 people, offering end to end solutions to customers in more than 650 digital conversion.