“Nothing ugly comes out of architecture without an architect”

“Nothing ugly comes out of architecture without an architect”
06 January 2020

The first of the Media, Culture and Society Meetings organized by the “Anne ben gazeteci miyim?” platform was held with the participation of Murat Germen, Celaleddin Çelik and Melek Zeynep Bulut. Many determinations were made about the modern architecture and the most striking finding was “Nothing ugly comes out of architecture without an architect”.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - “Mother, am I a journalist?” Platform; Media, Culture, Society Meetings, the first of the series of events on January 4, 2019 on Saturday sponsored by the Independent Art Foundation. The general theme of the first meeting was ’architecture’. Maintain or improve focus in architecture? Where is technology and culture in this process? Murat Germen and Celaleddin Çelik were guests, and the event was moderated by Melek Zeynep Bulut. Many architects and designers also took part in the meeting.

“Technology does not always mean development"

Murat Germen took the floor for the first time and said: “Protecting is very important. Developing is as important as necessary and when the time comes. When you do something just to improve, you break the bond between people and what you have developed. Because those who make or lead this development are well educated and open people of society. And the world in their minds and the world in which people live are not the same. So these two worlds are starting to break apart. Nowadays, I am not sure that many things that come up with technology are called development. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time with the past and do not trust the future, you cannot focus on the present. This is a kind of excuse and we need to get rid of those excuses. ”

"There is no ugly thing comes out of architectural architecture"

Celaleddin Çelik stated that the relationship of people with development throughout history has continued in an order and rhythm. Insan In this course, people shaped, designed and organized various things. He did this with his own tools and developed it day by day. Therefore, there is a big difference in the fact that an object shaped by a human hand has always been touched by a human hand for the first time when a mobile phone comes out of the box. And it's called alienation. On the other hand, when we examine the buildings and structures made in the world and in our country in the past, we look at them with astonishment even though they did not come from an architect. There's almost nothing ugly. There is nothing ugly in their architects architecture. We, as children of this land, are born from birth. And we always act with these dilemmas. East-west, old-new, classic-modern, contemporary-traditional… All of our evaluations are almost like this. I've never read an art appraisal. I think we need to get out of this first. The dilemmas are all things that coexist. They feed each other from the tension between them. We don't have to choose one. Instead of freezing to protect something, we should continue to improve it with an open end. ‘This is a legacy to me, I cannot touch it’ means an alienation between you and that heritage. ”

More houses are produced in need

At the event, we discussed whether we need a new housing culture shaped according to the needs of today and answered the questions “Was the traditional one to be preserved, and the contemporary one was well interpreted?”. Celaleddin Çelik said: “Today, there are too many houses built in excess of need. The system that produces them is trying to convince people to buy these houses. Moreover, it is marketed in such a way that those who do not buy these houses or those who do not live in these houses are presented as being backwards from society or something will always be missing. ”

“We started to lose the balconies in the new housing culture”

Murat Germen expressed his thoughts as follows: “Housing culture is generally considered as an investment tool. In the past, when there was no such thing as expanding our existing house, the idea was to sell it and buy a new one. Society is conditioned to this situation. On the other hand, we started to lose what we call a balcony in the new housing culture. The balcony is actually a half-private and public space between the interior and exterior. A threshold can also be called. I call the new balcony your understanding of the door window. With the disappearance of balcony culture, their function was also destroyed. For example, laundry was replaced by more digital insights. You can't feed from time to time. New buildings have houses with no windows. This is very scary. Also, the connection with the street is very important. Up until now, I and my family have changed 2-3 houses or something. All of these were houses in normal neighbourhoods. I never entered a site. Nobody can make me do this. Because the moment I walk out the door of the apartment, I have to step on the street.”