Korhan Erçin becomes the new Assistant General Manager of AloTech

Korhan Erçin becomes the new Assistant General Manager of AloTech
03 January 2020

Korhan Erçin has been appointed as Assistant General Manager of Alotech, Turkey's leading cloud-based call center provider.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Korhan Ercin became the Assistant General Manager of Alotech, one of the largest cloud-based call center infrastructure systems in Turkey with more than 350 customers and more than 14,000 users. Erçin will work on the management of the company's project, sales and marketing activities and the development of strategies.

AloTech Executive Vice President Korhan Erçin said “During my career, I worked for the growth of entrepreneurial companies. I will continue to pursue this approach at AloTech. We will achieve great success by working together on my new assignment. Currently, Turkey's largest cloud-based call center company provider. As the entire AloTech family, we aim to be the largest in the world.”

Who is Korhan Erçin?

After graduating from Eskişehir Science High School in 1998, Korhan Erçin graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Chemistry and started his career as a Microsoft Product Manager at Tepum. During this period, Microsoft two years in a row by Turkey in the area of ​​corporate sales Turkey "salespeople of the Year" award. Afterwards, he continued his career at Veripark, one of the leading companies in the software industry, and served as Sales Manager for 6 years. As of January 2009, he became the head of sales team at In the story of Yemeksepeti, which lasted for almost 11 years, it supported different projects, both growth and investment processes both in Turkey and abroad. As of December 2019, Erçin became AloTech's Partner and Assistant General Manager.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +90 (850) 885 12 55

About AloTech

AloTech is a technology company aiming to provide all call center functions as service internet over the internet to businesses that want to provide call center services to their customers. Unlike traditional technology hardware, software, investment costs, such as servers and maintenance, licensing and upgrade flexibility to the business, such as requirements for non-cloud services with call centers, cost advantages, alotech aims to provide management and ease of use are among the pioneers in Turkey of cloud technology with this approach. AloTech, which includes Cloud Pbx, Cloud Call Center and Line Pooling solutions, charges its entire service portfolio with the pay-as-you-go model, thus aiming to be a business partner that provides real added value to its customers. AloTech is supported by Tubitak and Kosgeb within the scope of National R & D.