Smart devices will be the target of cyberattacks in 2020

Smart devices will be the target of cyberattacks in 2020
27 December 2019

The world is preparing for the risk of 6 trillion dollars of cyber attacks in 2020. In Turkey, 42 percent of computers have malware. Weak passwords make it easier for hackers to steal data. Stating that IoT-based smart devices will be the target of cyberattacks in 2020, Berqnet Firewall listed the issues that users should share.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The Internet makes human life easier and brings many threats. Last year, around 700 million people worldwide were victims of cyberattacks. From these attacks, cyber pirates generated 1.5 trillion dollars in revenue. Next year, the damage caused by cyber-attacks is expected to reach 6 trillion dollars worldwide. Berqnet Firewall, which is already active Internet users in Turkey, according to data compiled by the 60 million people face these attacks. Failure to take the necessary measures may result in many victims of theft of personal information, while it is important to take a few simple measures to minimize the damages of cyber attacks and ensure internet security.

The biggest threat in 2020 on IoT-based smart devices

There are already 17 billion smart devices in the world. IoT (Internet of Things) based smart devices that come into contact with our lives in many places such as doorbell, refrigerator, lighting, heating, car, and security systems are the most vulnerable devices as well as public institutions and organizations as a result of cyberattacks. Last year, 61 percent of companies were victims of IoT systems hacking. Hacking devices in hospitals is a big problem. In 2020, 25 percent of businesses will be attacked through IoT devices. A. Murat Apohan, “We use IoT-based devices in the management of our home, car, and even critical organizations such as hospitals. As the attacks on these systems will directly affect human life, we need to be very careful. At this point, you should definitely use logging (keeping and storing internet records) and firewall devices that defend your network against external interventions. ”

 42 percent of infected computers in Turkey!

Turkey ranks third after China and Taiwan in malicious software on individual computers Utilization. Found that 42 percent of malicious software and computer applications in Turkey, indicating that seemingly do no harm to computers and Firewall Berqnet Director-General Dr. A. Murat Apohan said, “This software is used to steal identity and personal data, and act as a spy that consumes your network and internet resources. With this software we have installed on our own hands, we leave control to the cyber hackers. In particular, the publisher is unclear, free of charge because it is attractive to crack software should be avoided. If you use this software on mobile devices, you may lose control of your device by delivering your SMS history, location information, and passwords.”

"We deliver our information to cyber hackers”

Stating that only 3 percent of cyber attacks were carried out by using a technical problem, Berqnet Firewall Assistant General Manager for Technology Hakan Hintoğlu said, “The description of hackers who make transactions from a computer in a dark room in the mind is not exactly correct. 97 percent of the crimes committed by the pirates are carried out with data called social engineering, seized by taking advantage of people's weaknesses. After a series of persuasion, hackers who contact via email, SMS or phone can steal passwords, credentials, credit card numbers, and even confidential information about the company they work for. It is necessary to be aware of the social engineering activities, which are among the methods most used by cyber pirates worldwide, and to raise awareness.”

The password of 23.2 million victims worldwide “123456”

Hakan Hintoğlu said “The most important measure that could be taken in the face of cyberattacks is to determine strong passwords. Consecutive numbers, using your name and date of birth in your password, provides great convenience for cyber pirates. We see that 23 million people who have been cyber-attacked worldwide use 123456 as a password. Such simple passwords are broken in a few seconds, causing unauthorized access to your systems or accounts. Numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters must be used together when setting a password. In this way, you can make the work of cyber pirates extremely difficult.”

400 thousand fraudulent sites open per month for fraud

Hakan Hintoğlu stated that cyber pirates opened fake sites to trap victims and said: “Every month, an average of 400 thousand fake sites are opened for collecting data and fraud around the world. Users see their ads on social media platforms, shopping from these sites and their money is lost, the card information is passed into the hands of cyber pirates. Users who want to buy products over the internet must make purchases from reliable e-commerce sites registered in the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS).”

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