StartersHub will continue its investments in 2020

StartersHub will continue its investments in 2020
25 December 2019

Having invested more than $ 4 million in 65 initiatives since 2015, StartersHub will continue its investments as an early-stage technology investment fund, taking into account the transformation in the ecosystem instead of organizing acceleration programs.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - StartersHub, founded in June 2015 with the vision of making Istanbul the center of attraction for technology initiatives, has invested more than $ 4 million in 65 early-stage technology initiatives to date. In the previous years, StartersHub, which had startups with a high potential of opening up to globals, first took 6-month acceleration programs and invested a total of up to 250 thousand dollars per company to the most promising ones. During the past 5 years in Turkey and neighboring countries that take into account the changes in early-stage entrepreneurial ecosystem StartersHub, also within the company to take the model decided to go for a change.

Acceleration program to early-stage technology investment fund

StartersHub Managing Director Anil Aşkın said, "When we first set up, while the number of little or no acceleration program in Turkey, the number today finds 79 acceleration and incubation program available. While we organize our own acceleration programs before conversion, we now partner with acceleration and incubation programs. As StartersHub, we act agile, start up the startups quickly and start the follow-up process, relying on and trusting and making investments. We have the opportunity to closely monitor the startups that we have taken into the follow-up period, just like our acceleration programs, so that we can proceed with more confident steps when making an ongoing investment.”

One of the most successful early-stage technology investment funds in Turkey and Eastern Europe that they would continue investing in that target Arda Aşkın: "Initiatives're getting into a period of 3 months follow-up process of the first stage. During this period, we provide intensive support to the startups with the knowledge, know-how and rich mentor network of StartersHub, the creation and implementation of winning business models, the establishment of effective sales channels, the determination of strategies for opening the right markets abroad, and the preparation of strong collaborations. Following the follow-up process, we have invested up to 250 thousand dollars according to the performance of the initiative, and we continue our guiding role in the planning of global investment tours and important execution issues that we call guidance execution guidance ”.

Our goal is to add economic value Uncovering global brands to Turkey

Venture invested due to the nature of the ecosystem companies in stating that certain success and failure rates Arda Aşkın, "Due to inability to reach sufficient maturity of the ecosystem in Turkey startup of going difficult opening global, we assume the catalyst here. Our goal is to keep R & D in Turkey, increasing technology development skill set, while adding economic value to Turkey to create global brands. Startup adventure is a long-term marathon, we are the long-term dream partner and companion alongside the ventures and entrepreneurs we invest here. ”

Overseas investments will continue to increase

Especially Turkey for new investments in Central and Eastern newfangled product to market in Europe or initiatives have started to generate revenue followed closely StartersHub, mainly with a B2B business model, artificial intelligence, data science, industry 4.0, key technologies of recent times like the game will focus more on initiatives that aim to reach global markets.

US market entry and globalization accelerate with an office in Silicon Valley

In 2018, StartersHub supported the globalization of its ventures with the office it opened in Silicon Valley and also enables enterprises to benefit from the global business and investor network. The Istanbul office enables enterprises to develop themselves and find the winning business model, while the US office takes the necessary steps for the growth of ready-made enterprises globally. The StartersHub team works in close contact with the ventures it has invested in, providing business development, mentoring and business contacts, as well as a wide network of corporate companies, helping ventures to pilot and increase their sales globally.

Global success story

StartersHub the success stories from 2015, while that of enterprises invested since being closely monitored throughout Turkey and the world. Providing an interface for engineers and designers to develop joint products, Zeplin has reached 1.5 million users worldwide. Available in 8 different languages, Meditopia provides localized meditation content to more than 6 million users. It has developed with smart gloves and supply institutions and providing follow-up products for the factory in Motion Thread and global brands in Turkey and abroad added to the customer list. Segmentify also increases the rate of conversion algorithms developed with e-commerce sites, revenue England, Turkey, and Dubai.