Turkey's furniture imports decreased by 12 percent

Turkey's furniture imports decreased by 12 percent
24 December 2019

In the first 10 months of 2019, furniture imports decreased by 12 percent compared to the same period last year. There was a big drop in imports from Italy, Germany, China, and Poland, which Turkey prefers most for furniture. Domestic production furniture is popular with cost advantage and quality.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) data compiled by Mission Furniture by 2019 the first 10 months of furniture imports, last year decreased by 12 percent compared to the same period of 466 million dollars from 413 million dollars declined. In 2019 Turkey's most furniture imported by developing countries 18 percent in Italy, 25 in Germany, it has declined 11 percent in Poland and 21 percent in China. Last year furniture exports in the first four rows of areas of these countries, there was a total reduction of $ 45 million in Turkey provides as furniture products.

Increasing interest in domestic furniture

Stating that the main reason for the decline in furniture imports was increasing interest in domestic furniture with increasing exchange rates, Mission Furniture Chairman Erhan Şahin said, “Domestic furniture has overtaken imported furniture in many ways. Material quality and reasonable price, as well as strong designs with modern lines, play a major role in the preference of domestic furniture over imported furniture. Modern designs, specially decorated with local motifs, appeal to consumers more than imported products.”

Design in Italy, China brings cheapness

China has a share of 40% in world furniture production, while the USA is 12%, Germany is 5%, Italy and India are at the top with 4%. Stating that the cost advantage is effective in this big share of China, Erhan Şahin said, “China has a big share in furniture as well as in other sectors with its cheap products. In addition to this, Turkey is a country with which Italy imports most furniture design products the fore. Design furniture enables Italian brands to market high value-added products to the world”.

"Turkey can bring a different dimension to modern furniture"

Erhan Sahin, who stated that Turkey has an important place in the world in furniture and can adapt its experience to new trends, said: “Turkey already has a worldwide reputation in avant-garde and classic furniture. Handcrafted furniture from the hands of Turkish craftsmen adorn hotels, mansions, and palaces around the world. In modern furniture, handiwork is replaced by design. The emphasis on pre-production design work is very important at this point. As Mission furniture, we think that modern Turkish furniture can bring a sound to the world by producing furniture to the right extent with the expectations of the consumer in modern furniture.”