Macrocenter's keys were handed over for one night

Macrocenter's keys were handed over for one night
19 December 2019

Based on the question "What would you do if you had Macrocenter's key for one night?”, Kaan Düzarat, Elif Boyner, and Şansım Adalı hosted the brand's Food Night Out event in Kanyon and the famous guests lived a night full of music, food, and art.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Macrocenter's Food Night Out event organized by Kanan Düzarat, Elif Boyner and Şansım Adalı on the theme of “Good Vibes” was held on Wednesday, December 18 at Kanyon Shopping Center. DJ Kaan Düzarat transformed the supermarket lines into a nostalgic disco, Elif Boyner into a paradise of health and sport, and fashion designer Şansım Adalı turned into a design tale. Many famous people from the cinema, fashion, music and gastronomy world participated in the event including Demet Evgar, Alina Boz, Ismail Ege Sasmaz, Levent Erden, Ozlem Zehebi, Senay Abaci, Hande Gulsen Yontunc, Aysegul Coruhlu, Ozlem Kaya, Tamer Yilmaz, Idil Author, Ece Zaim, Sibil Cetinkaya.

The products selected by the hosts for each concept were photographed before the event and their installations were exhibited in the store. Dozens of different products expressed each character's unique, inspiring story. In accordance with the stories of Kaan Düzarat, Elif Boyner and Şansım Adalı, appetizers, healthy products and international cuisine concepts took place in the dining areas. Piknik Works, which was organized by Macrocenter in collaboration with calling and which has realized successful works in the field of art, architecture and graphics in the space design and installation of the money sponsored event, was realized. The event also featured live music performances by Four in The Pocket and DJ performances by Murathan Özbek and Kaan Düzarat.

Stating that they have realized a fantastic dream, Macrocenter Brand Director Tülye Sekendiz said “As a whole team at Macrocenter, we are working to add more value to the lives of our customers. In the most important areas of retail, we go beyond offering the best. Although the idea of ​​Food Night Out is an unusual approach in this context, it was a natural result of our desire to share more beautiful memories with our customers”.