400 thousand domain names with ‘TR’ extension will be transferred from METU to operators within 3 months

400 thousand domain names with ‘TR’ extension will be transferred from METU to operators within 3 months
19 December 2019

Middle East Technical University (METU), which carries out the allocation of domain names with ‘TR’ extension, has delegated its ‘Registration Authority’ to Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK). Approximately, 400 thousand domain names in Turkey will be transferred to the authorized registration operators within 3 months starting from 23 December 2019.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - A new period has begun for domain name owners with ‘TR’ extension with the transfer of the provision and allocation authority of the ‘TR’ extension from Middle East Technical University (METU) to Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK). Domain names with the extension". tr " Metu also sent an informational e-mail to the owners of domain names with the extension ‘.tr’. Metu, within 3 months of the transfer process will be finished, new domain name allocation and renewal operations will be stopped announced. To date registrations with the extension ‘.tr’ can be transferred to authorized registrars as of December 23, 2019.

What are those who register domain name extension TR via

There are 410 419 thousand in Turkey '.tar' extension domain name, and many of these domain name registration made through nic.t case. Since the system will shut down completely within 3 months, domain names with extension ‘tr .tr’ ası must be passed on to authorized registrars. In 2008, the domain name sales to 11 companies with the extension ‘‘ .tr ’alan domain name sales authorization. During the transition process, transfer of your domain name can be performed through these authorized companies.

Transfer ‘.tr alan’ How to transfer domain name extension?

If you have  .tr domain name registrations on, you should first login to's panel and select the domain you want to transfer. On the next screen, click on the Authorized Registrar Operator selection page. After the security steps are completed, the transition to your authorized operator will be completed.

“Transfer the domain name through a registrar who has provided the technical infrastructure”

Hosting and domain of the leading companies in the sector, General Manager Cüneyt Yağız, found the following assessment of the latest developments: "In Turkey, more than 400 thousand '.tar' extension has the domain name. Most of these domain names are taken from The fact that will close after 3 months at the latest caused some panic among the users. If the domain name holders can transfer by means of a correct registration operator who has provided the technical infrastructure in this process, all the situations causing the panic will be eliminated. As a company, we have strengthened our call center in order to provide 24/7 service in order to ensure that users are not affected by this situation and can make transition transactions uninterrupted. We provide all necessary information about domain name transfer transactions with the extension ‘TR’ both on the phone and on our website.”

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