Kabataş High School became the first public high school to implement international curriculum

Kabataş High School became the first public high school to implement international curriculum
19 December 2019


Kabataş High School became the first public high school to implement international curriculum Advanced Placement (AP), one of the most important international high school education programs in the world, started to be applied in Kabataş High School for the first time in public high schools in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - International curriculum implementation in Turkey will be held in a government high school for the first time by the Academy of Kabataş High School of International Projects with the cooperation protocol established between Kabataş High School and WCEP (International High School Student Exchange Program). After the approval of the Ministry of National Education and the Board of Education for the AP (Advanced Placement) international curriculum program, the decision on the adoption of AP applications was published in the Journal of Notifications. Students who can take 5 courses in 4 different fields according to their interests in the AP international curriculum acquire foreign language skills at the native language level. Higher Education Council (YÖK) and Turkish universities officially recognized in the program students can complete university education in 3 years, as well as can receive double diplomas.

“Our students will be more active in the international arena”

Stating that they are happy and proud to receive the reward of their efforts after 8 months of intensive work, General Manager of WCEP Turkey, Volkan Cerrahoglu said: “The main purpose of making these star projects in public high schools is to make the education of our students easily expressible in the world with international instruments. We will continue our efforts to integrate our public high schools into the world with new projects for our children.”

Selman Küçük, Principal of Kabataş High School said, “First of all, I hope it will be beneficial to our school and students. As Kabataş High School, which is one of the leading educational institutions of our country for 112 years, we became the first state high school to implement the AP International Curriculum program. We want to thank the Ministry of National Education, the Board of Education and the WCEP officials. ”

The possibility of being exempt from university courses with high school education

First introduced in the United States and spread all over the world, Advanced Placement is being implemented in more than 60 countries.  The program, which is implemented in very few schools in Turkey, is considered as one of the most important international degree programs in the world. The program, which has been implemented since 1955, is run by the College Board, which also applies the SAT exams for students wishing to pursue undergraduate studies at American universities. Advanced Placement, also called ‘Advanced Placement Program çıkıy, stands out as a powerful, comprehensive and hard-working program aimed at excellence in education. The program offers students the opportunity to take university-level courses while still in high school, both with the content and processing of the courses as well as the way of measuring knowledge. The AP also called the pre-university program, also offers students advantages when applying to overseas universities and being exempt from courses.

About the International High School Student Exchange Program

More than 40 countries have implemented the program for nearly 70 years; It aims to improve intercultural communication, prevent inter-communal prejudices and facilitate the promotion of countries with language and culture. Turkish high school students between the ages of 15-18 who want to spend at least 1 year of high school education in a different country now have the opportunity to study in Canada, America, Italy, and France. The program is organized by the Ministries of Education or State of the respective countries, and the quota accredited institutions conduct student selection. The countries' ministries determine all legal processes, placement procedures and program rules. With ministerial programs, students spend one or more years of high school with volunteer families selected with high-security criteria and are sent to the school closest to the family. This is an academic program and requires a minimum "C" average in all courses.

About WCEP Turkey (Worldwide Cultural Exchange Program)

Having the intercultural skills of students, well represented in abroad countries and feet on firm stepped in as individuals grow up to contribute to providing its mission to the WCEP is conducting to choose Turkey for International High School Students Exchange Program within the limited quota. On the other hand, the Ministry of National Education is developing collaborations with state and private high schools for educational and change-oriented projects.

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