Conscious consumer is waiting for discounts for the new year gift!

Conscious consumer is waiting for discounts for the new year gift!
17 December 2019

Black Friday campaigns organized in November were met with great interest from consumers especially in the e-commerce sector. After the e-commerce, the retail sector completed its preparations for the new year. BTM (Bilinçli Tüketici Mağazaları), a ready-made clothing brand is preparing to offer remarkable gift suggestions in the last days of 2019 for consumers who are saving by waiting for discount periods.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Consumers are showing great interest in discount campaigns held at the end of the year. With discounts on stores and e-commerce sites, consumers can benefit from the cost advantage, while producers are satisfied with the increasing volume due to demands. After the November full of campaigns, as the new year approaches, stores are preparing to offer consumers special opportunities. In the apparel sector, affordable products that offer the BTM (Bilinçli Tüketici Mağazaları), Turkey across the 60 stores December 21 to 22 dates across Turkey "Everyone, every purse gift days" has announced the call and has prepared special gift suggestions.

We wanted to offer a gift for every purse when entering the New Year ”

Stating that they offer a variety of products to consumers with low-profit margins, BTM General Manager Süleyman Yılmaz said “Everybody wants to delight their loved ones with buying small gifts. However, the economic contraction in the world has affected both the consumer and physical retail stores negatively. As BTM, we aimed to make sure that everyone from 7 to 70 can buy gifts for themselves or their loved ones. In the last days of 2019, everyone, every purse as a gift day by declaring the gift alternatives to everyone in 2020 we want to enter happy he said.”

Colorful gift options

The sweetest moment of the year is approaching Christmas time. Many people began to look for new year's gifts that will be appreciated and attracted by the new year. Not only for your private life but also for the people around you can make happy with the Christmas gifts and expectations to meet the expectations of the budget can be made. Moving from constant needs, BTM stores prepared ready-made clothing alternatives in colors and options that are in line with the spirit of the New Year:

  • Colorful sweatshirts and tracksuits attract attention for children to enter the new year warmer in cold winter days, while children's boots are reassuring gift alternatives against rain and snow.
  • For women, embroidered trousers suitable for the New Year spirit and soft snoozes alternatives for those who love the heat fill the eye. Shawls and bags are running to the rescue of those who think of an elegant and complementary gift alternative.
  • Woolen shirts, turtleneck sweaters, and leather boots are a gift for men.


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