Out-of-pocket health spending for hospitals has increased by 43% in the last 3 years

Out-of-pocket health spending for hospitals has increased by 43% in the last 3 years
16 December 2019

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute data, citizens' out-of-pocket expenditures for hospitals have increased by 43% in the last 3 years. Health expenditures increased by 15.9% per capita in 2018 and reached TL 2,030., an e-health platform established to provide savings in increasing health expenditures each year and to provide patients with the opportunity to choose among different services, began to serve in Istanbul and Antalya after Ankara. 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the Health Expenditure Statistics, 2018 showing expenditure of households in the last 3 years 43% increase in his pocket to hospitals has reached 10 billion 975 million TL. Per capita, health expenditures increased by 15.9% in 2018 and reached TL 2,030. While 77.5% of this amount was paid by the government, 17.3%, ie 351 TL, was paid by households. 40% of out-of-pocket expenses were made for hospitals. Per capita, health expenditure recorded the highest increase since 2012 in 2018.

Every year, the increase in healthcare spending for hospitals has also triggered entrepreneurs. The e-health platform, established in 2019, allows citizens to make comparisons between private health institutions for the health services needed. The platform, which provides access to the most appropriate service from the different options, is offered to the people in the problems they encounter during the service. The platform currently includes 17 health institutions. A monthly number of users of the platform, which is added to 3-4 hospitals every month, has reached 900.

After Ankara, it started to serve in Istanbul and Antalya Turkey's e-health platform, while increasing the number of institutions negotiated with each passing day, after Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya are now also started to serve. Ota & Jinemed Hospital offers alternatives to healthcare for Istanbul residents, and Life Hospitals and Antalya residents. Through the platform that mediates health services, most of the birth packages, check-ups and aesthetic procedures are compared, while at the same time they can access food supplements and health products at reasonable prices. Her Yerde Sağlık, which mediates the resolution of all complaints of patients throughout the service they receive, mediates between hospital administrations and patients. Her Yerde Sağlık (Health in Everywhere), which secures its customers with private insurance in all services, also supports its patients in case of possible negativities.

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