Ayda 4 günümüzü mobil uygulamalarda geçiriyoruz

Ayda 4 günümüzü mobil uygulamalarda geçiriyoruz
25 September 2018

We spend 4 days a month in mobile applications

In our country where approximately 3 billion applications were downloaded each year, the time spent in mobile applications reached 186 minutes per day. 82% of apps are downloaded from Google Play and 18% from App Store.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's first cloud-based personnel management software Kolay HR's App developed by Annie "Turkey, according to data Ideas condition of the economy" has compiled the report, time spent on mobile applications in Turkey, the last 3 years 46% increase reached 186 minutes per day. The annual number of downloads approaching 3 billion with Turkey, Japan and leaving behind high-population countries such as Vietnam, the world's most downloaded mobile applications was 8 countries. Users in Turkey, while using their smartphones, 88% of the time in practice, while 12% spend on mobile browsers.

With more than 14,000 employees and over 180,000 employees, Kolay HR has completely renewed its mobile application to enable people in the human resources field to focus on value-added jobs by minimizing their workload. In addition to personnel management procedures such as access to employee information, allowance, advance, spending, and easily manage payment requests; Kolay HR mobile application is renewed to cover many processes such as employee requests, advance, overtime and visa certificate requests, making business processes even easier.

"Every month we spend 4 days in mobile applications"

Friendly HR Founding Partner, Mr. Efecan Erdur said, in Our basic motivation is to facilitate the lives of managers and employees while developing our product and its features. In doing so, we are feeding on their habits. We owe this to the fast and steady growth of Kolay HR. Every month we spend about 4 days in mobile applications. Therefore, mobile devices are now indispensable for us. Thanks to this insight, we have renewed our mobile application and started to offer an easier user experience with the new features we developed. Our new application can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

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About Kolay HR 
Kolay HR, Turkey's first cloud-based personnel management software. HR allows employees to focus on value-added jobs by minimizing their workload. It digitizes all processes related to personnel management, enables it to be executed under a single roof, increases efficiency and reduces errors. It provides solutions on many subjects such as permits, trainings, payroll, food card management, spending, participation in individual pension, embezzlement and personal information, performance management, and makes life easier for company employees and HR teams.