As of 2020, many companies will begin to use e-invoice and e-waybill Applications

As of 2020, many companies will begin to use e-invoice and e-waybill Applications
10 December 2019

According to the communiqué issued by the Turkish Revenue Administration; taxpayers with an annual turnover of more than 5 million TL have been forced to use e-invoice, e-archive and e-book applications until the 1st of January, 2020.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Within the scope of e-Government applications, the scope of the e-transformation program including companies is expanding as of January 1. The number of taxpayers in the e-transformation process will be doubled, with those already added to the taxpayers after January 1, 2020. With the new year, many companies will be able to keep up with the digital era by getting rid of the applications that bring burden and cost to companies such as invoices, waybills, archives and notebooks. Electronic transactions will provide companies with many advantages while bringing new needs. With the new era, hardware solutions developed for companies that need to process printed documents in the field will provide great convenience.

Mobil Mobile printers are crucial for field teams in the e-transformation process ”

Pointing out the importance of software and hardware solutions in the e-transformation process, Univis Sales Manager Türker Torucu said, olarak Company employees who have started a new process may have difficulty in transition and getting used to. In Univis; During and after this transition period, we offer custom hardware solutions for e-transformation projects to facilitate the work of companies and employees. In particular, field representatives performing mobile transactions can easily provide the output of documents such as e-dispatches or e-archive invoices with the mobile printer that we supply. Another of the conveniences we provide is the arrangement of the relevant document for the company. We add the company logo and signature to the relevant document and create the draft of the document specifically for the company. By uploading this draft on the mobile printer, we present the device ready for our customers to use ”.

Türker Torucu talked about the importance of effective technical support in the transition to e-transformation applications and said: şunlar A new era is starting. While it is always difficult to get out of the ordinary, changes in fast flowing business processes can force both the company and the employees. It is important to get solutions and support that will make life easier in this period. We are also able to provide the technical service support of our mobile printer to our customers in the most convenient way. As in every stage, we become the companion of our customers in the e-transformation process. ”

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