Earthquake insurance applications have increased by 6-fold with the recent earthquakes in Turkey

Earthquake insurance applications have increased by 6-fold with the recent earthquakes in Turkey
05 December 2019

Online earthquake insurance applications increased by 6-fold after the 5.8 earthquakes occurred on September 26, 2019, in Silivri. The total number of earthquake insurances and total premiums reached the highest number of policies of the last three years on a monthly basis by breaking records in September, October, and November.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - This year, especially the people of Istanbul experienced great fear of earthquakes. According to the online comparison platform user data and Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) statistics, the number of seismic insurance searches increased by 6 times in the week of the earthquake in Istanbul, while the insurance rate in the Marmara Region at risk due to fault lines reached %66 At the same time, the earthquake occurred in September, 901 thousand 506 earthquake insurance policy was made. While the echoes of the earthquake continued in October, the record of the last three years was broken and 916 thousand 263 earthquake insurance policies were issued and the total premium amount reached 122 million 674 thousand 354 with November.

"2 million houses in Marmara Region do not have earthquake insurance ”

In the last 3 months, 50% of the houses that have been offered TCIP have been constituted by the houses built in 2007 and beyond. Insurance Director Dilara Çetin stated that only 4% of those who received TCIP offer applied earthquake insurance for houses built in 1975 and before. yaptırmıyor. However, the greatest risk in possible earthquakes is in these buildings. Currently, 2 million 44 thousand houses in the Marmara region do not have earthquake insurance. Homeowners should not forget that financial losses are largely secured by TCIP insurance. ”

“TCIP secures your home, not your building”

Indicating that the earthquake insurance does not guarantee common areas, Dilara Çetin said, standard earthquake insurance does not make any payment regarding damage to the buildings such as apartment buildings, parking lots, garden walls, elevators, warehouses, and charcoal. In order to secure the common areas against earthquakes, the building insurances that you can take in addition to your TCIP insurance are quite suitable. In case of damage or destruction, TCIP’s maximum payment is 215 thousand TL. In order to benefit from a guarantee above this limit, additional housing insurance can be provided ”.