Mapinsky carried the sky to the walls

Mapinsky carried the sky to the walls
29 November 2019

The Turkish startup Mapinsky, which monitors star movements by date and location, enables users to access star maps of their special moments interactively. The startup offers an alternative for those who want to buy a different gift.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Star maps attract great attention from around the world. Those who want to know how the sky looks in special moments can only see the star maps by entering the date and the location they want. In the first quarter of 2019, mapinsky, founded by Mustafa Akkaş, Mahir Şentürk, and Gökçehan Demirkir, also took sky maps into service in Turkey in an interactive way. With millions of different possibilities of personalization, the initiative can create a star map by entering past or future dates.

Saying that anyone can make a star map with a user-friendly interface, Mahir Şentürk said “You can create your map in a few seconds by entering the date and location you want to see the star map on our design page. You can add a nice surprise to your loved ones with the messages and icons you will add on your map.”

“We made astronomy and many technical details a gift”

Mustafa Akkaş, stating that there is no interactive structure in Turkey that maps stars according to location and history, said: “We have developed mapinsky as a result of our detailed research and preliminary studies. Birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, New Year's special occasions, such as those who want to get a different gift, we met with great demand and this made us very happy.” Stating that they have made a subject that includes scientific and many technical details such as astronomy as a gift, Mustafa Akkaş said, “I define mapinsky as an interactive venture that carries star maps to the walls of houses of a group of entrepreneurs who love to add meaning to the sky and believe that these images can turn into unique gifts. It is very pleasant for us to see that people transform unique moments in their lives into a stylish gift to decorate walls. mapinsky is a unique gift for the right person, carefully thought out, carefully produced and packaged with love.”

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