The deadline for approximately 100 thousand e-invoice taxpayers is January 1!

The deadline for approximately 100 thousand e-invoice taxpayers is January 1!
28 November 2019

The regulation made in October requires all enterprises using e-invoice applications to use the e-archive application as of 1 January 2020. Approximately 100 thousand businesses are expected to use to e-archive application with this regulation and printed invoices can not be issued to companies that are not registered to e-invoice.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the VUK General Communiqué issued by the Revenue Administration (GİB) on October 19, 2019, all companies that are currently using e-invoices, regardless of their annual turnover, are required to switch to e-archives by January 1, 2020. Offering enterprise technology solutions to the statement made by Univera, only 38% of companies using e-invoices in Turkey along with this arrangement when using e-archiving, e-invoicing and will be left behind an important stage in the e-archives number of users equalized email conversion application. The regulation also brings with it the obligation of e-dispatch, while 64 thousand taxpayers will stop cutting paper waybills and the e-dispatch application will be able to follow the goods movements of the Revenue Administration.

19 billion bills have been digitized in the last 7 years!

In addition to providing operational convenience for businesses, e-conversion products stand out with paper savings. In 2017 and 2018, 360 million e-invoices and 2 billion 485 million e-invoices (vendor copies) were issued. It has been determined that 4 billion 945 million electronic invoices have been issued and received in the last two years together with the copies of the buyers. Since the launch of e-invoice in 2011, the number of electronic invoices has reached 19 billion. Univera Customer Relations Manager Murat Altındişli said “70 percent of the invoices to the buyers are electronic invoices. “E-archive invoices play a big role in reducing paper consumption. Especially in retail sales, sending invoices by e-mail instead of the paper invoice to the end consumer will be of great benefit. With the expansion of the e-archive invoice requirement, the number of current taxpayers will increase by approximately 6 times and thus 6 times more savings will be achieved.”

1 billion pages moved to electronics

As stated in the Tax Procedures Law and the Turkish Commercial Code, the books that are obliged to be kept are prepared and reported in electronic medium together with the e-book application, not physically. Murat Altındişli stated that 1 billion pages of notebooks have been transferred to an electronic environment with e-ledger applications. 58 thousand 883 trees were saved by cutting the journal books and general ledgers into the electronic environment ”.

“E-transformation provides speed and cost advantage for SMEs”

Stating that the invoices, notebooks, archives and delivery notes processes transferred to the digital environment provide great benefits especially for SMEs, Murat Altındişli said “As Univera, we aim to benefit by combining e-transformation solutions with the products we have developed specifically for SMEs. Un We offer 1000 credits to our customers in the Uni-Dox product line which includes e-invoice, e-dispatch, e-notebook and e-archive solutions to our customers who started to use the WebPlus solution we developed to manage sales representatives and sales channels in the field.”