26th Annual Aviation Fair 'Istanbul Airshow' Brings Industry Together With the World

26th Annual Aviation Fair 'Istanbul Airshow' Brings Industry Together With the World
27 November 2019

'Istanbul Airshow', the largest civil aviation fair of the region from Paris to Dubai, is preparing to open its doors at Atatürk Airport for the 13th time.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Istanbul Airshow International Civil Aviation and Airports Fair and Aerospace Industry Supply Chain Platform, which has been held at Ataturk Airport every two years since 1996, will celebrate its 26th anniversary on 24 September 2020. The fair will open the doors of the fair from Paris to Dubai as the region's largest civil aviation organization will bring together the sector. In the fair, which is the first of its kind, the new generation of aircraft and helicopters will be introduced to the region. More than 40 aircraft will be on display.

Turkey's gateway to the world of aviation

Transportation and Infrastructure, Ministry of Civil Aviation General Directorate of State Airports Administration supports, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic, TAV Airports Holding and sponsorship of all relevant training and events held since with the support of professional organizations in 1996, as well as Turkey's' International Specialized Fair 'is the only aviation fair with quality and registration.

More than 40 Aircraft to be Exhibited

In Istanbul Airshow, all aircraft from passenger aircraft to business jets, helicopters to air ambulances, sport aircraft and ultralights; aircraft engines, navigation and flight control systems, simulators; ground, cargo, passenger and baggage systems and equipment, apron and terminal systems; airport security and integration systems; airport design and construction; airport and terminal operators; airlines, charter and air taxi operators; aviation clubs and professional organizations. At the 2020 fair, second-hand aircraft will also be presented to domestic and foreign potential buyers for the first time.

Abroad to the Sector

With the special stand packages prepared for them in line with the targets of 2023 and with the support of KOSGEB, small and medium-sized domestic manufacturers will be able to establish warm contact with the world giants on the international platform and find opportunities for both export and cooperation with similar companies and clusters of different countries. The fair will be organized with the participation of over 200 domestic and foreign companies and more than 40 aircraft will be exhibited in different segments. To date, all new models introduced by commercial and business jet manufacturers to the market have met domestic visitors for the first time at Istanbul Airshow.

Free Entrance

The fair, which will be held between 24-27 September 2020, will be free of charge for pre-registered visitors as well as sector professionals.

Growing Fair Since 1996

Feyzan Erel, General Manager of MİNT Fair Organization, said “Since 1996, all relevant governmental and private sector officials who have seen, approved and supported this line have contributed greatly to the organization's arrival. Mr. Binali Yıldırım, from the first day of the Ministry to the Prime Ministry The General Aviation Apron was in the project stage with great confidence that it would be finished before the time and gave the proposal and instruction to be allocated to the fair. Mr. Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil provided the organization to be called AIR ISTANBUL AIRSHOW in order to emphasize the fact that Istanbul is an international aviation center and that the organization it supports greatly is a national brand. Mr. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir has led the formation of a new group of participants under the name of ‘AVIATION INDUSTRY SUPPLY CHAIN ​​PLATFORM olarak in parallel with the efforts of our small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in the international arena. İlker Aycı the number of fairs, conventions and many organizations such as the conference put off the most difficult days of the cancellation, assuming a leading role, that Turkey is safer than every country and make an international announcement that they postpone the participation of firms, the foreign journalists dozens invited to the fair Airshow by Istanbul and Turkey has contributed extremely important to the image. We thank them.”

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