SMEs increased their turnover by 150% with special E-commerce campaigns for November

SMEs increased their turnover by 150% with special E-commerce campaigns for November
22 November 2019

The month of November, which comes to the forefront with the biggest shopping campaigns of the year, started with the special discounts for “11.11 Singles Day”. SMEs selling via e-commerce increased their orders by 176% and their turnovers by 150% compared to the previous year. Black Friday, November 29th, which is known as the shopping spree of the year, has already created excitement.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Discount campaigns organized by e-commerce sites in November were received with great interest from consumers. Especially SMEs selling on the internet have turned this interest into an opportunity. IdeaSoft e-commerce infrastructure provider serves over 7,500 thousand e-commerce sites, according to the review, November 11, Singles Day campaign with the 176 percent increase in the number of SME orders. Compared to the same period of October, SMEs achieved 150 percent growth in their turnover, while the number of products sold increased by 70 percent. The e-commerce industry is now preparing new campaigns for the Black Friday discounts on November 29th.

"Despite the discounts, the decline in cart average remained limited.”

IdeaSoft CEO Seyhun Özkara stated that basket averages decreased by 10 percent due to the effect of the campaigns and discounts, and said "Despite the discounts, the decline in the basket average remained limited. Although it seems to be a negative situation for the sellers, the volumetric growth provided by the discounts brought a commercial vitality to SMEs”.

First celebrated as Valentine's Day in 1990, the 11th of November Singles Day has become a shopping frenzy since 2009, especially in China and Asia. Turkey is usually not referred to as the Singles Day November 11 is witnessing huge discounts to their e-commerce site.

SMEs preparing for Black Friday

Seyhun Özkara said that special days offer serious opportunities to both companies and consumers in the e-commerce sector. This date has become a day that consumers wait and meet their needs with the effect of the campaigns. Many big and small companies selling online benefited from this special day. ” Seyhun Özkara also emphasized that SMEs should be prepared well with special campaign fictions for Black Friday on November 29, while underlining that it is important to meet the expectations of consumers.

Shopping calls increase 24 times with Black Friday

Seyhun Özkara, who stated that the term Black Friday in the consumer's mind now means the same as the word shopping, said: "According to a normal period, searches on internet shopping are increasing 24 times. When we look at the figures of last year, we see that clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, home decorations and consumer electronics, which gained momentum in recent years, grew more than 30%. Interest in consumer electronics searches increased by 20% during this period. The sub-categories of particular interest are smartphones, small appliances, computers and televisions. Another striking point is that consumers' brand searches, as well as discount and category researches, increase 8 times in this period."

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