Glass decoration products specially designed for work areas are offered for sale

Glass decoration products specially designed for work areas are offered for sale
21 November 2019

Fy-shan Glass Studio has added new glass products to its collections designed for workspaces that are sometimes overlooked in decoration.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - As the new year approaches, the indispensable objects of the desks are designed by Fy-shan Glass Studio to be used in the decoration of the work areas with a different perspective. On Wednesday, November 27, the visual consultant İrem Tanman specially designed the exhibition hall for the collection to be presented under the title “Glassy Treasures". Felekşan Onar, founder of Fy-shan Glass Studio, will host the founder of Sanayi 313, Enis Karavil at the event.

Produced using Murano blowing techniques, the glass box forms integrity with the wooden lids produced specially for each box. Cigar ashtrays feature functionality in addition to the design. Fy-shan Glass Studio, which presents an extraordinary tray design including cigar accessories such as cutters, prefers full colors such as black, alabaster, purple, mink and navy. The aforementioned vases, which can be used a lot at the end of the year when indoor use increases due to the effect of autumn and winter months, stand out as a remarkable detail in special invitations with their unique and unique structures. Besides the elegance, the vases, which are produced in sizes appropriate to the space designs, are produced only one piece and each one is specially produced. The lion symbol of power and leadership took its place in “The Animal Kingdom", one of the most popular collections.

Fy-shan Glass Studio's founder and Turkey's leading glass artists from Felekş Onar collection added is quoted as saying about the new product: "Each of 2019. In completing Fy-shan Glass Studio individually, with great care and effort out studies of the products removed areas. I believe that the glass spheres perched on the little frog, the symbol of luck and abundance, will bring luck and loving days that we can continue to dream of in the new year. ”