International Crystal Taste Award to Anavarza Honey

International Crystal Taste Award to Anavarza Honey
21 November 2019

The flower honey of Anavarza Honey, became entitled to get Crystal Taste Award by getting 3 stars which is the highest level score 3 years in a row in the 2019 evaluation made by International Taste Institute.​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - International Tate Institute based in Brussels, represented the results of 2019 evaluations they organize every year since 2005. With the blind tasting test made by 200 experts, including chefs with Michelin stars evaluated more than 15 thousand products and 1885 products became entitled to get the certificate. Anavarza Honey represents Turkey among the world cuisine, became entitled to get the Crystal Taste Award with its flower honey by getting the highest score, 3, 3 years in a row.

Only 79 products became entitled to get the Crystal Taste Award

The International Taste Institute determining the most tasteful products of the world with the Hedonic Sensory Analysis method rewards the products with 3 stars. The products that have won 3 stars in a row for the highest level of taste are awarded the International Crystal Taste Award. This year Anavarza Honey won this grand prize, which is only given to 79 products in the world, for the first time in Turkey.

“Our honey is officially registered as an international brand.”

Anavarza Honey General Manager Can Sezen stated that the flavors originating from Kozan district of Adana, where the most honey harvesting of Turkey is made, are approved by the whole world and he is pleased with this and he stated: Anavarza Honey has managed to become an international brand by being one of the honey have the rich perianth of Turkey and being different under favor of Anavarza Taste Broad.”

Can Sezen, who provides details about Anavarza Taste Board established by Anavarza Honey's own experts in sensory analysis, said “Honey collected from our beekeepers are being analyzed to a sensory analysis by Taste Board. This board blends the honey obtained from the fragrant flowers to create a superior Anavarza taste. I would like to congratulate all my colleagues and especially our Taste Board for this award.”