The fine for not keeping personal data safe reaches up to 1 million TL

The fine for not keeping personal data safe reaches up to 1 million TL
18 November 2019

All over the world, especially for companies, the protection of personal data, the recording of internet movements and cybersecurity issues have become much more critical. In case the necessary precautions are not taken, business owners face criminal sanctions and the penalty for not keeping the data safe can reach 1 million TL.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Aiming to increase information security awareness in Turkey, Berqnet Firewall hosted nearly 100 company representatives in "all aspects of KVKK processes, legal logging and Cyber Security Training for businesses" held at Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) Technopark last week. Beykent University Department Of Commercial Law Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Tekin Memiş, Logo software lawyer Sezgin Karakaş and Berqnet Firewall General Manager Dr. A. Murat Apohan also shared details about legal logging for businesses and the increasing importance of cybersecurity. 

"Restrict access, do not email confidential information, do not take pictures in your office!”

During the opening session of the event, Prof. Dr. "Only measures related to technical infrastructure are not enough to prevent these attacks. For example, employees should raise awareness about measures such as keeping customer information confidential, using name cards, not giving unauthorized access, not sending confidential information by mail, destroying unclaimed documents and not taking photographs in the office environment. Administrative and technical responsibilities are of course very important, but awareness is the most important issue that opens the door to the whole process,” he said.

The penalty for not keeping data safe reaches up to 1 million TL

Prof. Dr. Tekin Memis said; “Criminal sanctions against those who violate the Personal Data Protection Act are on the rise. Penalties ranging from 5 thousand TL to 100 thousand TL were actively started to be cut to institutions, especially in lightening and open consent violations. Another important issue of the law is the provision of data security and data management point to be experienced in cases of violations and unwanted penalties starting from 15 thousand TL up to 1 million TL can reach. And violations aren't just fines. Prison sentences ranging from 6 months to 3 years are also included within the scope of KVKK. The Alo 198 line of the Personal Data Protection Agency, which searches for about 500 complaints a day, examines each request carefully and quickly examines the companies that are a party to the complaint.”

A tweet from your business could cost you 2 years in prison!

Logo software lawyer Sezgin Karakaş, who spoke at the second session of the training, pointed out the importance of Law No. 5651 and stated that keeping a log is a legal obligation and may also constitute evidence in legal disputes. The subject is at least as important as KVKK. Sezgin Karakaş, “the companies that provide internet service to employees or customers, restaurants, malls, restaurants, hospitals, or other institutions, internet service according to the law, they have to keep a time-stamped record of the law and within the stated period. Otherwise, the business owner could face jail time for a tweet thrown by a customer using Wi-Fi or illegal activity. This situation can pose serious problems not only for the customer but also for businesses in the lawlessness caused by the employee,” he said.

Even giant companies are being hacked, so what should SMEs do?

During the last session of training, Berqnet Firewall General Manager Dr. A. Murat Apohan gave a presentation on the importance of cybersecurity methods for businesses in terms of legal regulations. Millions of dollars in cybersecurity investments around the world, using the highest-end devices and employing hundreds of IT experts, even companies have been hacked, he said. A. Murat Apohan said: "Companies are experiencing significant material, spiritual and reputational losses through cyber attacks. In today's world, where 100 percent cybersecurity cannot be mentioned, the first step to be taken is to increase employee awareness and controls and to take complete technical and administrative measures,” he said. “According to a 2017 survey, the success rate of cyber attacks on small businesses is 71%, while that rate is 21% in large institutions,’ said Murat Apohan, who emphasized that SMEs are in great danger. "Big companies may already think of them as strongholds that are quite difficult to enter. For this reason, cyber attackers who see small and medium-sized businesses as easy prey have put SMEs at their targets,” he said.

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