Savings of those who want to own a home are insured

Savings of those who want to own a home are insured
12 November 2019

Having started off with the saying "Dream, Take a Step, Win" Tasarruf Inc. started to serve in April 2019 with its innovative approach in the sector. At the launch of the “World Savings Day” with the participation of Istanbul Deputy Governor Mehmet Kalyoncu among the participants from public institutions and the business world, future plans and differentiated services were introduced.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 1990s savings-based financing model that has been implemented since the beginning of Turkey, individuals with the synergy created by the coming together to buy homes and cars to meet the financing needs based on the foundation. Tasarruf Inc. Eda Yazıcı Belgen, General Manager, said: "Our sector, which offers new and flexible solutions, offers an opportunity that many people will take steps for their dreams with the costs that can be determined in accordance with every budget, the lack of interest burden, and the alternative installment options. In addition to all these advantages of our fast-growing sector, we have distinguished ourselves from other players in the sector by developing reliable and leading services with our powerful solution partners Turkcell Digital Business Services and HDI Insurance.” Belgen explained the services they separated, “First of all, we look at our customers' savings in order to realize their dreams in the house safely, we have protected their savings with insurance and personal data with a reliable system infrastructure in order to avoid the slightest question mark in their minds.

Tasarruf Inc. Nimetullah Narman, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, said in his speech: “Every individual, regardless of income, will have the dream investment with his labor and savings. Today, there is the idea that it is tough for people to own a house or a car, for which high costs have to be paid for years. We have developed flexible and reliable services for all budgets to overcome this perception.

Turkcell Digital Business Services Executive Vice President Süha Bayraktar, who undertakes the digital infrastructure of Tasarruf Inc. details of data security, fast digital services and insurance services provided to customers were shared. Speaking at the event Professor Altinbas University. Dr. Emre Alkin is the economy of our country and every income
stressed the importance of individuals from the level.

Launch Reflects Innovative Perspective and Difference Services

At the launch, Tasarruf Inc. presented all new applications, which are unique in the sector, to the taste and experience of the guests. The guests set up their dream house with VR glasses, made a live connection with the online savings expert they reached quickly through and made information. Besides, they signed their contracts with the digital signature currently applied in all sales channels to avoid wasting energy with paper.

The Savings Handbook, which was sponsored by the company, was also shared with the participants. In addition to this, Savas A.Ş., which determined to create social benefits as a vital priority and carried out voluntary works with Darüşşafaka Society, made donations to the Darüşşafaka Society for the guests who participated in the launch.

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About Tasarruf Inc.
Savings Inc.; is a 100% Turkish-owned finance company that provides zero-interest products and services to individuals with needs such as houses, vehicles and land. With its 20 years of professional experience and advanced level of expertise, it provides financial support to its customers by providing them with appropriate plans in an understandable language in the savings-based finance sector. Among the many differences that differentiate Savings Inc. from other companies in its industry, the most remarkable one is the "Savings are Safe" insurance. With this service, customers are guaranteed their money with insurance guarantee in the time they save.