First Step to Coaching Training will be held in Muğla

First Step to Coaching Training will be held in Muğla
08 November 2019

In the last 10 years, nearly 4 thousand people in Turkey have stepped into coaching with ICF accredited training. In addition to the training organized in the metropolitan cities, comprehensive training will be organized for those who want to start coaching in Muğla on 16-17th of November 2019.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The demand for coaching, one of the rising professions of the recent period, is increasing. 4 of the last 10 years close to a thousand people in Turkey International Coach Federation (ICF) has approved coaching. As a result of the training, the coaches who step into the profession support the individuals in order to find solutions to the problems encountered through regular interviews and expectations for the individuals who want to achieve their business or private life goals. about the coaching profession which is quite common in Turkey, especially in developed countries will be held in Las Vegas for a series of training to gain awareness. Basic coaching training to be held on 16-17 November 2019 at Muğla Tuna Otel will be provided by Mentor Koç Pcc. Fatih Elibol and Expert Trainer Coach Betül Karabıyık.

Participants will receive an ICF approved certificate for participation

During the training, which will last for 20 hours in total for 2 days; active listening skills and ability to ask strong questions. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn theoretical aspects such as direct communication techniques, coaching models and coaching tools. ICF approved training certificate will be given at the end of the training. The training, which is usually organized in big cities, is also given in different parts of Anatolia and it is aimed to spread the coaching profession.

“Coaches should be a good listener, research and wonder”

Betül Karabıyık made explanations about the planned training and said "In order to become a coach, it is important that the person develops himself/herself after completing the training. One should constantly read, research and wonder”. Betül Karabıyık made suggestions for those who want to step into the coaching profession and said: “ICF is the only structure accepted worldwide. You should definitely choose the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training. Make sure that the case studies and applications will be done for the training to be useful."