World leaders get support from the Turkish coach.

World leaders get support from the Turkish coach.
07 November 2019

Turkish mentor coach Fatih Elibol, who works on leadership at Harvard University, provides support to many politicians, managers and thinkers with leadership skills, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The mentor coach Fatih Elibol, who has been working at Harvard University for 13 years on the effects of the teachings gained with the help of coaches and mentors, supports the leadership skills of many leading professional managers in the world. Among them are Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, Rakuten CEO Mickey Mikitani, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Power China President Yan Zhiyong, Rockofeller Foundation former president Judith Rodin, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, BNP Paribas CEO Jean Bonnafe and Roman Abramovich, Fatih Elibol, who supports many world-renowned figures in business, arts, sports, politics, mentors and coaches the deputies in the UK and European Parliament. The Turkish mentor coach, who is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) and holds the title of PCC (Professional Certified Coach), continues to work in the fields of neuro-leadership, neuro-sales and neuro-marketing.

“First, the targets must be set correctly”

First of all, Fatih Elibol asks the people who want to get support "Are you sure that you set your goals correctly?". Fatih Elibol said, “In my 20 years of professional experience, I always ask everyone whether a politician, a CEO or a head of state clearly set their goals first. These goals can be related to his private life and sometimes to the company he manages. In fact, these powerful questions that we ask enable values ​​such as happiness, peace and satisfaction to be experienced more effectively in all areas. What is important is that the goals are clear, as well as whether one can really feel good when those goals are achieved. There are no obstacles to success when the goals are set and what is desired is assured.”

New method “Neuro-leadership”

Stating that the neuro-leadership approach is the connection between the reality underlying the behavior and the art of leadership, Fatih Elibol said, Human behavior is fundamentally under the challenges faced by the leaders. These behaviors are always the reason for not choosing a product or service, unrest in the company or problems in private life. It is very important that leaders recognize these behaviors and take action against them. In addition, developing an attitude towards possible problems is one of the starting points of the neuro-leadership doctrine.”